Fire. Bunny.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, December 7th

Man risks his life to save... wait for it... wait for it...  a rabbit.


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Bias Mickey's by the way. They came six says his home is in danger. Big east that's when it's getting answer yeah I I. Look at that video ABC posted it then went viral yesterday of that that mountain and hill top. On fire with the traffic alone it looks like something out of a movie apocalypse hop dance with labs gonna say. Almost cannot believe. This fight yeah. Why I assume that. Is the fire gets close to making sixes houses is gonna go but claims after stolen that was cute or. We are talk about though we need to talk about fire rabbit guy. I have told sky acts 26 times of all of the venues and this just telling ability to tea. Order reverend. It is fire rabbit because I just talk about how to deal. To me this is the most idiotic way to almost get yourself killed and you are in the the minority. Kara I will tell you I stone age you are in the minorities so when I first saw this. This morning. I I put it on my personal page with some words that I cannot say. Euro risks gravitas here hero is what they're calling high. Do not understand. All the outpouring. Over this story because when I side I thought you're an idiot god love that I am sorry. And you've just risked your life. To save a YE a rabbit Raddatz. Was. The haves fine that numbers in any given square mile in any given city are yeah. Tina what bunnies do they reproduce yet a lot. Quickly Ed and I'll tell you always say it. After almost ridiculous by chasing into the finer as he did it. And people are calling him hero. Just don't I don't. I don't know I know you're gonna say a mammals and Alan there's no difference between wild rabbit dog if this a bit of pop the rats. I guess or horse or something. I could maybe see Davis. But he ran into an inferno again. To say I'll wrap it. Almost kill the rabbit in the process because the rabbit trying to get away from this guy because he's chasing him rattled the fire but her. But it it was a dog you guys would call me hero. Hadn't really conflicted about the story but I'll tell you carry you and I are in the minority people are saying he's a hero. That he is. The deep part of humanity that we lost in the world wonderful that you wanna save an animal it's just not practical winners evacuation orders and the entire area is on fighter including her car during Carl got to agree I'm sorry but very little. And if you haven't seen the video will put it on her FaceBook page this man is panicked I'm going to use the word. Panic to answer as he is trying to get this. Wild rabbits come to him he's he's pulling his hair out he's bent over in Joseph I know he's down he's jumping up and down and like you would sink. You were saving a child tiles yeah he is really. Anguished. From Lawrence. You know this is this is. There are squirrels that have died in this fire I am sorry there are there are rabbits. It is it is California the land of fruits and nuts now. That score on chase him for him. Listen this is Californians suffered the devastation caused the wildfires that are not a one man braved the flames. And instantly became the hero we didn't know we needed to. Video of good day rescue. Shows a highway in goal in smoke and flames extra orange and black Sims guy goes discrete. But then a wild rabbit starts across traffic to that burning brush. A man stops wearing just shorts and a bloody races after him the rabbit is both out of reach and in danger. That is when panic set in. The man clutches is that jumps up and down paces anxiously. Agonizingly trying to find out how to rescue the creature from its earning habitat. In the last ditch effort he wades into the brush to coax the rabbit out. After some pleading. The rabbit runs up the flames. And stumbles into the man's arms are given that the reps came to him. Once wearing user says the video restored his faith. Inhumanity. I. It's it's it's very sweet. The White House announcing today Donald Trump will have a physical exam early next year Walter Reed. Results will be released of the public according to the White House and it has whatever's going on his mouth the announcement came one day after Donald Trump slurs his speech during remarks about Israel now wonders and you're picking on for the I I am not one who thinks he's having like a mini stroke. I will explain what I think he's having it just minute. But it is clear. During the speech yesterday. He was slurring his speech this is a man who has sworn and I believe him. Because is brother died from alcoholism and his dad I think that's in my local issues. Donald Trump has sworn he has never ever had a drink in his entire life and I believe. But you cannot deny. He was slurring his speech yesterday listen to this clip. Let us rethink all of the assumptions and open our hearts in my age two possible. And possibilities. And finally I asked the leaders of the region. Political religious. Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslim to join us. In the noble. Quest to. The lasting peace. Thank you. God bless you god bless Israel. God bless the Palestinians. And god bless. The united church thank you very much thank you. It was definitely at the mayor says the united church. And the White House is saying today than it was dry mouth he needed a drink. Although I thought he condemned Marco Rubio effort taking a civil war at one time and threw the ball across the stage one time. Here's what is. I don't think the president is having him at least. Although that was the suggestion this morning on morning jail. Here's what is the man needs a drink of water. Any meets some. Whatever it is that prevents or whatever it is you. You used to lockyer dentures and is that. At the dent so what is called grossed me out so much and yeah. There there's there's there's like a beast yeah you used is evident. Effort and effort to end. He needs a stronger bottle of effort. The the man. Is so narcissistic he can't admit that he has dentures. And he does look at videos you see them on occasion they pop out. This is that still owes. I. Richard out of venture companies to work with that I did and once you're. Having lunch I was little and I didn't know those horror. And eight. And ever and I'm on it grows out I'm sorry you're listening. It's so to me I'm sorry my in my grandpa you used to pop not a time South Africa's out. And it's not watch any Donald Trump's speech the man as wearing dentures it's okay signers are quite a few people on different and it's exactly what I semi equipment enters or flippant. His stint. Go and Google or YouTube. Donald Trump dentures there are plenty of videos from the campaign trail I we're his ventures posse child. Where his dentures a popping out he has to resent him with his long. It's you you had bad teeth Donald it's 08 to be human. You're allowed to have your teeth fall. But. I would have really good dentures during. He's of no money well just because you are have a lot of money doesn't mean you have good teeth. I didn't have a lot of money grown up and I've never had a cavity Amal I'm dissing really good dentures oh Chrysler's that they were never pop out where you just have road and bridge work. The united church and timing come Mac that is those are dentures falling out large. Oh it's PolyGram effort and Hollinger thank you college. I don't think about it. It's. Just paint this line mean I don't it's united church. He yankees united church that. This is Brittany that the effort it commercials remember what was her name. Member yes I'm. Lawrence and first. Person. They always have that on the price is right. He had in the effort and give the speech you'd get dry mouth take some water but don't make fun of Marco Rubio when he Texas that what you're dumb dumb. And yet insurers. Don't you are not perfect it's OK hate to admit you have dentures. It's okay you're seven to get. One years old. It's okay old people get dentures and loser teed. United church okay. And there's no denying it he's slurring his words listen. This again let me just play the beginning percent. Was this let us rethink all rationing and the assumptions and open our hearts and mind over harsh and it doesn't make you streaky too steep and he's trying to keep this as -- should. Two possible. And possibilities. Are sugar. And finally I asked the leaders of the region it's got to Steve back. Political or go to America or religious errors Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslim to join us. In the noble. And he's bring into his nose because when he breezed his nose he uses is wrong to push his dentures back. That's why he he briefed his nose the entire time yesterday. I watched the entire speech quest to her lasting peace option thank you. God bless you god bless Israel through god bless the Palestinians. And god bless. The united church thank you very much his two Fella. Okay somebody else at war. All our. That is how I sound I'm on payments and you're trying to control your speed for that argument and win year and with. I was we've all done it if you've had a couple to drink and you're trying to add a conversation. In the and it can't answer your being really deliberate. In the way you enunciate. So you don't slur and I'm not saying he's on payments or drunk but it's a similar sound I. I don't believe he drinks. I believe it says is yeah billionaire wouldn't you have those suckers screwed in her what whatever you implants whatever you do NASA's two. Deal with that. Is Scott. It analysts and it's because I said that I was. I didn't say he was stupid but I don't agree with the decision to run into and friends have rabbit sorry. And but if you don't you guys did trees and as they said the only thing it would have been better from the sex line is if when the revenue jumped into his arms his jumped back out into traffic got hit by car fixed. Yeah that's act like that no apparent. And whether the bird flu apple or whatever who did it in for bill. I thought I need to. United church thank you very much thank you. The United States. Nuts and bolts hardware your Christmas to corps headquarters got a huge selection of fresh countries lights and all of your Christmas needs from batteries to extension cords. You name come in this week. For 25%. Off artificial trees and 20% also blurs nuts and bolts has a great selection. Yet golden balls out you know they. Every servicing an expert in the I'll that'll help you with. Any number of repairs. Anything they fixed my weed wacker a few weeks ago. Right now if you go in the got a great deal on window repair bring your witness at its repair you're gonna get 20%. Off visit shop nuts and bolts not come for all the deals and location nearest you and remember nuts and bolts. They are York. Hometown hardware store. I'm children. I've played as though. Dana about. Run don't walk. OK I heard of this Netflix series called godless. Is in its western. And it's. Part of the western takes place in this town. Where they had a silver line that basically was the town was big news or. Terrible accident 84 people killed basically all the men. All real. Streak but. The show itself is really good Jeff Bridges. Plays like the meanest. Bad dude hamburger on this yes and my mom first episode he beat the it starts. Base in the early on with him showing have a doctor's office with his arm right hanging on by a thread. And so yeah he loses an arm and first episode. And it is the show itself as far as its its really good it's a great story it's shot really and also as far as western goes. It's had it's a case of my mother and his original. Speaker. She's such ballots godless it's not all these women in the Ohman let the right in this town. I will put it on my list by gap I highly recommend I'm only about four episodes and it is but I don't have any. I don't know that I'd I did notice when I've. Because somebody constantly checking out I noticed on the Netflix thing or says like you know it's season one episode one it says limited. Limit this series. I don't know I was is going to be one at one season or otherwise but it. So there's has to run don't walk I am wants him and this is one you can read American a poster read on the came to FaceBook page because. During the break out on the story and I can't stop reading it which means I've paid attention to nothing you've instinct analysts are. The New York Times has the story are said Jeff Bridges and the network. The tests did you pay attention this united church there that are back in. Alec in nineteen late fifties early sixties loses carry a lot. This family. Asked to adopt a baby and they went to the agency they said we want to adopt a baby white family in a white suburb that it had some strife over black families moving him. So they call says hey we've got a baby. And they brought the baby to this white mom and dad is a Booker and the baby is a little black does happen in real life. And so they look at the baby mom falls in love with the navy says I don't care that this is a black baby does are ideologues they. Dad says. Take her back. Who and his mom is crying screaming they go to their pastor. Please try to talk him out of this I believe god sent us this child. Dad says. We cannot bring this child. Into this neighborhood. It will be a horrible. Life for her they'd had a couple of house has burned down who would black families had moved in this was during the civil rights era. So I know we got to get to news. When we come back a minute tell you essentially what happens. And in New York Times has tracked down. This now fifty year old woman. This now black fifty year old woman interest. And I'll tell you which way things went what do you think happened you think they'd ever back or not ever back and Kara as I am I agree with that. Speaking of bunnies. You came up your answer. Okay. And weak. Right now. The moment. Who are. Gonna try. Them. Sheer communicating. I'm really neat. Yeah and. It is not funny when it's that funny to the user with Caremark breaking ground and a new fire station in Johnson County will have more next. And Christian Brothers Otto has extended this exclusive Kate in DC offered to our listeners right now go in it to an Christian Brothers auto before the snow starts flying around here. And you'll get 25 dollars off any service over 100 dollars. This offer is good for only about another week and a half 25 dollars off any service over 100 dollars it is an awesome deal. 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James Tony Lopez says or PlayStation number 23 at ninetieth in morale. It will serve that the citizens there privilege. A lot better it is very central to our main call like. Lopez says they plan to keep the building in case Debra cord development impacts their future call volume cost of the project about six billion dollars. The new fire station is expected to take a little over a year to complete. A former police officer says he's grateful for the forgiveness from the family of a black man that he shot to death acts North Charleston officer Michael Slater testified today before he was sentenced to twenty years for violating the civil rights of Walter Scott's. Traffic and weather together next. Did right here for seal one. Casey you got to get on the Bucs look before winter actual winter snow ice ice storms all that stuff. Before that gets here call seal once Casey haven't come out permanently seal and protect. Your driveway your fencing and man have that do your garage floor. 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I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more Katie NBC weather. In any TCI it's 29 in Belton thirty day or official weather station and Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. He's got the code for kids. We're going to be Dick Smith work. Come on now covering your coats. Cash donations were taken over accuracy cart storage as well take him. An addiction report. You. Just thank you. Bursting seams. So they adopt this little collecting. And the mother and father. After a couple of days there's some racial tension in their neighbor. The father puts his foot down and says take this baby back. They took her packs that give her back in. Oh. Took it back to the adoption gay is the baby grow that they were adopting. Back. Three months later. They adopt another little girl and she's white. So the name of the article and we've posted on the came easy FaceBook page is so fascinating. Is called the adopted black baby and the white one who replaced her. His family never talked about it never wanted to talk about it he said he was wracked with guilt. His entire life and the mother ended up dying of cancer in 1997. And kept journals. And she said every single April. I always thought of that little girl because I knew her birthday was in April the little girl that we give away. So fast forward. To today. The now adult wiped baby's it was adopted lovingly into this family. Decided. I am going to track down. This woman who would now be my age in her fifties. Because I'm curious. What happens war. Is she upset as she Knoll. That she was with my mom and dad for a few days and they sent her back. So she tracks. Down this woman and it goes and how and all that stuff it's it's a great story. Sheep you know dug through adoption records all that's. And when she answered the phone. The little white girl now an adult very nervous explained the situation. Andy black woman. Laughed and said oh my gosh. It's fine. I would not have wanted. To have grown up in a white neighborhood with your white parents. And the rest of the article. Goes through each woman's hardships growing up. I think you'd be surprised. It is because you can ask yourself if quiet on this direction in life what would my life look like. We can all ask the questions if I go this direction in life what does my life look like. And both women are now talking about that this is how my life turned out what would have been like I'd stay with his family it's a New York Times article it is. Yes. The ACLU of Kansas is calling for the Shawnee mission school board to eliminate a policy listen this guy's. Calling for the Shawnee mission school board to eliminate a policy. That prohibits complaining about individual elected officials or district employees during the public comments storm. Add board meetings. In a letter sent to the district on December 6. Legal director. Doug bombing. Seven in new open form policy approved November 27 quote continues to violate the speech clause of the First Amendment. The scoreboards new policy requires speakers who participate in the open form section of school board meetings to present information in a quote positive. And constructive. Way. The policy states that complaints. Against individual school board members. And nor individual employees are quote inappropriate. For an open form and must be submitted in writing. To the superintendent. Or the board president. This from the store this this is from some. Like you do bloggers some. The ACLU is sue. The Shawnee mission school district. Because they apparently created a policy recently. That at their aunt and for those you don't go to these meetings. And and I've been won in a while but they are horrifying only boring the they are yet important but but at the beginning of every meeting Dana as you know they approve the minutes. This actually isn't out of the pledged allegiance and the ball was flying. Opt to add an open discussion about whether or not we wanna add a grassy Knoll your corners 75 and and rode into I have a second to approve the minutes from our last meeting I sent him do yeah okay and then they say we're gonna open up the forum. And you get five minutes usually it's five minute state your name your address. And your and then it. And then you get five minutes to say what's great what needs to be improved. Whether it's the rule of park City Council Johnson county commission. The Shawnee mission school. The Shawnee mission school board according to this story in the Kansas City Star. Has a new policies that says you cannot. Criticize. Elected officials. Or employees of the district. Your comments have to be positive. And constructive. Well here's a comment to destroy mission school board school and. You're elected officials. You cannot tell. People. This think listen to this guy. It's it's illegal. You tell people as a government agents during an open public meeting. In the United States of America. That you're not allowed to comment or comment a certain way now what you can't jail. Is say. We are limiting. The public comment section. 23 minutes. You have to say your name yet to stick your dress for the record you get your three minutes and then you move on and the reason they do that. Is because number one you need some decorum during these meetings okay sure you have to have some parameters. Number two in every city and we all know this there are one or two super citizens. Who show up I'd love them. It is their right as taxpayers they show up to every one of these meetings or restrict or five and they always complain and it doesn't even matter. School board city. It's it doesn't matter there's one in every. Government body sure. And so I do believe the cities have a right. To put some parameters on time. You're on. You know the world we're gonna limit we're gonna adjourned to go on a special session now after listening to your comments and they have the right to do that. But you're suggesting in argue that these super citizens that you called them and yes there was a guy named Phil cline. Back in the day not battle climate of number one column. Who would show up at the Johnson county commission meetings back in the ninety's and early 2000 who always commented there was another guy at the parks council meetings and ice cover them in the ninety's. Who would come up here to cowboy hat. He always had songs I always have this five minutes but he was always complain about some. Not saying that they should limit those people like you could only have one comment every three months. They get their five minutes right no matter what correct OK okay. I'm just shocked. That the Shawnee mission school board is so thin skin. That they have to create a policy. That you cannot criticize them. You're elected officials. You asked for this job you idiots. Oh I'm sorry. That hurt your sensitivity. Do you mean to say expects. Run for public office if you can't handle it. It is beyond the pale to me but I think your missing the point. What are they can handle it or can't handle it is irrelevant. You cannot tell. A taxpaying citizens for a that they cannot come twos there all us. The government. And weigh in on the issues that we don't live in China so this keeps writing and I've put this in commercials. From Taj I think it's short little arrow who ran against Carl Gerlach and Overland Park. That Kroger lock in the City Council Overland Park banned public comment. I've slipped that affords you is scrutiny and public comments I mean it if that's true why. And I would encourage. Mayor girl locked or whomever you guys listen you'll listen. If that's true why at a rate human and yell you. But why does it if it's true and I am into an Overland park City Council meeting in probably twenty years. Since I was a reporter covering them. Why you Powell or get rid. The public comment section. That's when you hear from your citizens yet you probably hear from the annoying ones do. Always get up there every week and they got the same five minute diatribe I get it but you don't want. That's right. It. They have a right to get up there and complained do you. I'm gonna be honest I can't believe it has gone on this long with out to someone challenging. This and I know you're not a fan of the ACLU usually bet on this when I agree with you have to agree with absolutely agree with them. No I said the parents of the shot Anderson school district agree with you which is voted out three incumbents on the scoreboard socket. Learn how to take some criticism. And and I like to hear from those of you who live and Overland Park is that true. That the Oakland park City Council. Is no longer taking public comments of their City Council meeting why. Who owned. And so crusade here people. And they'll be like us limiting the tax and only positive comments. I'm only taking polls that say glowing things about Damon parks. Are those of Europe that they don't like it is now we don't. Those other calls. All the positive on the aisle we know I don't know if you. I can easily imagine if if we made a blanket rule on the show. That we would only take positive comments about the show it would be extremely boring radio it would be horrible rate gap. 576779. It. The Shawnee mission school district. Apparently now has a new rule that if you're going to make public comments during the public comments section. Your comments have to be positive and constructive. Only the Shawnee mission school where it needs a safe place. Where they can't have their feelings hurt. Socket. It I'd seven cents I'm I'm sorry I don't it. Does remind me of the this film thinking about how we years ago of the college student talk in the students talking to the professor of free speech and there's no one student it's like. You can't just say whatever you wanna say eight. And end of the present a gag and that's why it's called free speech because Java what does it offends me and my goes to. Ed and the process and especially if it offends you. I want it to us and simmered down. We change. Our 7677. If you wanna quick fast easy fabulous. Gift for the holiday is for someone in your life that you love. Go to Brooklyn dot com them one click and you're done Brooklyn and dot com. It is luxury bedding without the luxury prices Scott hasn't set of those seats. I had a sheets and the duvet cover which is so nice and I'm Tony I will never sleep on anything else. Women founded in April of 2014 by husband and wife team Vicky and rich on the philosophy that people like you deserve simple. 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BR OK LIN EN dot com promo code KM vis Brooklyn in these sheets ever. 7798. On up. Yes and Oprah. Yeah. I ain't what it and instructive that I think that your at this point unit very ballot and that I understand it. That I can all that the op Ed I'd like their arraignment law. Because it and meat eating people get up and I'm a teacher or a teacher. And there are a lot of kind that government other parent and their parents becoming Marines by them. And will. Eat proper channel. And rolled it right Q&A lot the art unique. Community you dictate that these things are true without knowing that they actually archery I mean I didn't use it and support that I have other people and I'm tired. And all but not the way app and and it and the parents don't believe 100% and miniature. Short and at these meetings anything that is said is part of the public record that is true and accurate it doesn't make it accurate but it does mean that part of the public record. And Edgar in someone's career. I iPad it in his book award that a high bullied student that a great all of my room that I chapter to pick them up. And she added to it that I need you read that comment about why she needed to pick them up. And I never heard a word about it and I was called and. But you would have been cold in the central office and I'm messing you do anything wrong. You were having couldn central office whether they made those comments in a phone called the superintendent of the principle worth they made those comments in a public form of school board. Not now not apparently at Q and when you get comfortable or the principal would ask me about it before it went to PO. That the opposite and then at 10 o'clock at that and it would've been basically. Russian side they couldn't find any finding. But it needed and made. Public forum at bay City Council meeting that always going to be on the record and any old that your network that an accurate which jobs they're trying to get another job. That would pop up at nineteen many and they look up anything about me. Oh because it was all respect autumn I would imagine the oak groves school board meeting. Is not routinely followed by the Kansas City Star for that matter any other public well. I don't work and a girl and you're not on account for that purpose and here at something like that happened art community. It it would be no I mean that parents get on social media and all black people. And it off all the things that they they without knowing their history behind it or. Anything I can he would be something I there intent probably would not to protect. And pulling them public because the City Council doesn't wanna hear complaints. By. I double that again thank you Wear eat it up like protect employees from having. Defamation of their character based on life. It's sooners are here this earmarks. Happening now in KM BZ of a single terminal airport project moves ahead today we'll have the latest details next. 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