To the couple RUSTLING A BAG OF CHIPS during a movie about the Holocaust...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, December 6th

I have NEVER been SO ANNOYED in my ENTIRE LIFE.   Also- we'll talk about Al Franken....  


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy prep down to about 18 degrees by tomorrow morning your windshield though some of the cold as we've had thus far. Single digits. Windy conditions tomorrow some cloud mixture high temperature 32 degrees Friday 41 was still a chance of a few flurries. From channel nine for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ weather 43 QCI 45 downtown 44 and your official weather station. Interesting choice today from time back. First of the year is silence breakers and and when you get a chance when you get home. And I don't want pivotal by the actual magazine anymore but the main real life. Look at the cover. It's very are you looking at the cover young and it what do you notice about don't don't don't rooms okay. Dark Carrie it's dark and as five women who have all come forward. As victims of sexual harassment or assault. By very famous people or woman people correct rights. Notice anything else. What does it it's an interesting cover and and the photographer deserves a lot of credit here look at the bottom right. The elbow is it whose elbows to the question it's anonymous yeah. It's the anonymous there's a story inside time magazine about the anonymous. Abuse victim who is afraid to come forward and who has come forward yet and who will not whose firm a very small town in Texas. And is afraid to come follow you cannot be surprised that this was their pick for propel you know they chose the whistle blowers a few years ago remember. Corporate whistle blow first few years. So this is not the first time they've chosen a group. But. They call this and I I don't wanna screw up the wording but I know that I will. The biggest social change in a movement that we've seen I think they said since the sixty. There's there's no doubt about it wrecking reckoning that's going I did not it seems like it's been going on for forever now. But it was only in October. A time it was. My gosh that was just October it really is and given to Al Franken here just a minute he is going to resign. Tomorrow. He and management that he was going to have an announcement tomorrow. Yeah after eight women have now come forward into never. It was eight the last time I looked online but you may deride. Here are your com. Time people of the year for just last few years. Silence breakers today guide and last year was Donald Trump. Understandably so and in the manned completely. Reinvented the way people are gonna run for office in this country. Angela Merkel in 2015. On. Which. Okay. With the Jerusalem thing today. And I understand that Egypt Iran and Saudi Arabia and Jordan answer it was it comes to come out. One of the country's came out today opposed to the United States moving their. Embassy to Jerusalem which I fully support I think the president made the right decision. And I don't understand why everybody's got their panties in a bunch of this. But the fact that France came now. Oppose this idea today. Gave every up but he. Network. Correspondent. The opportunity once again instead of saying man well Mac chrome. I was screaming. At my television today as I'm watching. And the list has grown even longer including Angela Merkel and Ambon. Who. Why is it that American journalists feel that they have to go full scale French. When they try to pronounce his name. And they don't even. Even like. It's like and French president on well I hung. Well argued done it drives me Cory is his name is Manuel Mac chrome. Is that your early this is for. And we just I mean that is why we don't say and not fuels for a V royal family over to England and Queen Elizabeth old fossil. The has said that she supports this. We don't drop our English accent all over queen Elizabeth the whole soccer ball. I don't know the crown starts Friday and I'm going to be speaking in the British. Not Earl while drives me crazy when people try to pronounce something French. When you're an American really just to try to argue presuming anybody does anything and in. Like any dialect yet and I Miss America planning thing. I mean. It's just it's no. Have to be made and Sandra BS some brought us. His name I know but. You know you knows wells I do because she's your best friend. I love Sandra Lee she's protester report Wallace back in the but she ripped through the end. Sort of went zero I'm somewhere off you. KC TV titans if that's exactly. At IV aids and full scale Mexican army I. All there. Nair. If you yeah I'm done anyway it was the bull fighters in 2014. Hope for a lot with that photo of them little pool and now and not get out of my head pro Pope fronts hall. In that 2013. Barack Francis via the site. Iraq Hussein Obama in 2012. The protestor in 2011 that's right. I hear spring moved that's about what the wives the Arab Spring. And occupy in Tea Party goes Atlanta so they kind of lump all the protesters. From around the world. Pure spring Occupy Movement Tea Party movement. The protesters actually increased or answer she lay and my Mark Zuckerberg Ben Bernanke. Mine out and I know it's Friday night and it seems to talk about this I know different and it is listening and I'm saying so just whole. Kansas City oh. When we get receive as I told you at the 2 o'clock hour it's on podcast if you missed it and repeating the story the best documentary I've never seen him. And we sit down at the Glen would mean in my friend. Janet in my frontier. And a man and woman. Cumin and her seated directly behind us now that it is an older theater they have the actual square. Velvet seats that you remember from your childhood. Yeah yeah. And very comfortable and my dad. But they're a little close least east and so someone comes in and is sitting directly behind us there aren't a lot of previews as a documentary. And they decide. Too slow Lee. Only slow leak. Open what I can only assume was a bag of chips with the so. Friday. Form now. Get out okay. And if you're listening ice where Moses I cannot repeat what I about said he last night. Then a moment. We're I think they noticed they were knowing everyone around him and they were about to get punched in the face so they tried to do it. Slowly and it is okay. Documentary. About the whole. Cost us. And it starts it does is it just starts. And for one don't you see big big sign in here. Hall concert ever and it's quiet about second and. Kerry. So tell me off and get around. It right. Hunch. The it. We're supposed to bring that impact in kindness right nick did not people because I in my son that I can't. The whole time for the first twenty minutes. And once you get into your mind. So one point I look over in the and I guess I'm. I'm done I'm gonna actually commit. Assaults which is I'm going to punch you in the face and then battery which is the part where I do punch you in the face I'm moving. Kerry starts giggling I can't during documentary about the heart costs right. So the lights come on at the end of the documentary. And you know a couple times around things with starting to I'm Mike. Are you. This is why they need to put all snacks in a cardboard box of eggs no extra loud in the theater. We watched a documentary about the Holocaust we just. A bad idea so we get up to leak. Out here. She works. Noise and I. Emotional. Get up to sleep and everyone is clapping and cheering and to what it felt like what is so well at eight. Yet you. I stand up were all cheering clapping exit and I turnaround. And I can these two people. Spend 3433. He girlfriend boyfriend husband and wife I don't. But they are conjoined. In the matrimony. Other knowing theater habits because it was the all of them. And like to say something to say something almost turned around and said I will pay you so help me god. Thousand dollars. Two shots. You know why they couldn't hear you. I've talked and you mr. and mrs. with this practice at 7 o'clock. Out. I'm so proud of you for not telling them that into their math I like. Stop if I hear again he'll probably get to your head you know deserted them once enjoy your chips problem parking booklet cookbook at the tell us that. People who hate Jews. I want to say then you know how disrespectful you're being right now white supremacists. They were at Scott I'm telling you every last hour I have this goal line. Because of those people. I. It is the final days those last minute gift ideas at Nebraska furniture mart maybe you're looking for a home theaters or you don't and the rest of us when you know approximately date right here now is the time finish a list. Everything is on sale furniture flooring appliances. 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He had them they were perfectly Alex definitely got the good but the person links haven't looked like we've got to button on the phone and. Dark of the moon on the sixth of June and it can work full blown news. Campbell repeat with a read her own at Jimmy's hall of close and we isn't purveyor on 10 about a mile she needs now. Businesses big men in the Sears rumored and I'm about to put the hammer down CW. You're looking out west. It's. And then clearly it. And my mom who's on top ten and back in like 7475. But I'm the driver of my dad here in the Sony. Ericsson. But these remarkable include relief for them Dana thank you that was funny stories you've ever to holding his. Apparently. When I was 1975 I'll Heidi yeah this week saying build. Number one number one number one in 97. I from the text like and you write texts are absolutely right. Word ago. Just disappeared are you Scott your German is not perfect so before you criticize someone think about how they learn how to pronounce the word. It's done by reading and it's never per you're right absolutely right. When I'm making fun of our American journalists. Who feel compelled to announce the president of France's name is Manuel called up. I don't say I'm glad that's. I don't say that she. Lives in battling. Aids wanna talk about Munich I don't go mention. It. Which is the real name of the city. OK so severed. I'm just making fun of the American journalists who'd think that everything French everything. Spanish as we announced the way it's really pronounced. Except when it comes to Mexico City they don't go man or. President's traveling down to math huh Horrow. Today. We don't say the president's going to Deutschland. Just being as a journalist it drives me nuts if I think it is my biggest pet peeves. In our business and you'll always be. My biggest David drives me absolutely out of them. Al Franken is going to resign tomorrow. That just came out we have known for a couple of hours now. That he was gonna hold a news conference tomorrow we didn't know why we kind of assumed. But we do know what he was going to say we have now learned that Al Franken tomorrow. Is going to resign his seat. As the US senator from the state of Minnesota. This after at least eight women have now come forward. Saying as a senator and as an actor. He touched them inappropriately. The latest one today of which he vehemently denies and fairness okay says that he told her I'm an actor. I can do to grow. He dropped the old you don't. Al Franken resigns tomorrow John Conyers the longest ever serving member. In congress he's been in the house since 1965. Announced that he was retiring immediately yesterday. That his resignation yeah. He tried to sugarcoat and I'm retiring immediately know you're resign song. Tony ma'am. It is amazing how they're falling. I cannot disagree. With. Any outcome here. I can't you can't say. The Republicans have to go but the Democrats are accused of groping women can't they all will go and the first to tell you right now Roy Moore should go Roy Moore should not be elected. As the US senator from Alabama. This is a lose lose for Republicans. Correct and it just floors me that. You know people are saying Al Franken got to go because he's got eight women were accusing him. But we need to elect more down and Alabama. I mean it is just incredible. If we're going to be fair let's be fair folks. More should lose next Tuesday. If there's a god in heaven and I think he's going to win. Roy Moore should step aside and if he is elected he should be expelled. Immediately. You can't have this stuff. You cannot have this stuff. Out Franken asked ago it John Conyers has to go. And Roy morehouse ago if your gonna look at it fairly. Right. Oh wait I forgot he's a Republican. 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Certainly feeling like December out there right now little bit of suspense of well color sleet few flakes of snow like sprinkles of rain bitter Puerto all across the listening area. That's not going to amount to much the big story take way for you the colder air is moving in behind this system. Where have a morning temperature of eighteen degrees your wind chills down into the single digits. Went to be fairly strong on 91 portion your daytime tomorrow which is why the single digit wind chills of feel even chillier. You with the suns are coming out in the afternoon high temperature only about 32 degrees. 19 in the morning on Friday afternoon high 41 Stiller to a few flurries and staying below normal for this time you're heading into Saturday as well as chief Sunday. From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Brian Bosnia KM BZ whether. It's 43 keys CI 44 in LA fell 44 right now what you're official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Out of guns and CNN so much I'm Dan brown and the town. And going strong element. Let us. Japan and. And they got a risky game plan and ended June 2. Where are now box below below them there. Movies. I'll talk one on any minute when. And it's a lot of does not have to go Scott you're an idiot album walked out there is nothing but allegations against Roy Moore that's not true. Did he admit to groping that fourteen year old girl he did not he in fact he denied it. However. You can't say that the words of these women are true but the words of these women are falls. If you're gonna have a modicum of credible. If you believe Gennifer Flowers. Juanita Broderick. Paula Jones. Even though Bill Clinton denied that night Grammy you can throw Monica Lewinsky of all day long and be absolutely right. But that was a consensual relationship. As inappropriate awkward as was it was a consensual relationship. As wrong and morals or was it was still consensual relationship. Not if I'm wrong. But I believe Juanita Robert I believe Paula Jones I believe. Gennifer Flowers. And I believe that Forte then fourteen year old girl who says that Roy Moore touched her over her parents. I also believe that that writing inside that. Your vote is authentic. Second woman by the way has come forward with a congratulatory note from Roy Moore. That she says he wrote her when she graduate from high school that came out yesterday the day prior this thorny little let me finish for the second informant. Roy Moore has also at even Sean Hannity said he had some serious problems with this. And I'm no fan of Sean Hannity I think he has. But even when Roy Moore went on Sean Hannity is program there were. Inconsistencies. In his stories. And even then he admitted that when he was in his early thirties he would call the parents of these teenage girls who were 1617. And eight team. And ask their parents that he could take him out on a date. That is just weird. Net give me a break. The all our lose that see if anybody behaves in this sort of way they should not be allowed to hold public office regardless of whether you're pro life or pro choice or we're gonna vote for a tax cutter not. If if you learned anything from the show I'm an equal opportunity basher. You can in theory it should. I've opened my place. And I see that both sides of crap. Both sides. Are full of crap. Of John. Conyers has to go. By the way Al Franken is offices now saying that this report from. Minnesota public radio was not accurate. That they have not made a decision yet as to whether or not he's gonna resign tomorrow. However. I still suspect he's going to resign there's way too much pressure twenty senate Democrats have come out today including Claire McCaskill from Missouri. And called on Al Franken resign the pressures too strong he has no choice but ago Roy Moore should also go. He should be expelled the second he shows up he will win an election next Tuesday night he should be expelled from the senate but once. Pencil. To it I demeanor and just. Horny. Little. Problem. Everyone listening right now hats. If you are honest with yourself. If you are going to call NN Saturday that Al Franken has to resign. Or Roy Moore has to resign. Or Conyers has to resign. You can not. Also. Support this president. Who has more accusers and all of them combined. So you have to pick why. Are we going to allow elected leaders. Who are charged with gross. Gross misconduct. Against women. Or do they all have to ago. You cannot pick and issues. The ones who get to stay based on your party preference. So we will entertain calls all day long. About Al Franken. Resigning. But do not tell me in the same breath that you can support. This president. I believe the women who have accused Donald Trump. I believe the women so many of them are twelve I believe the women who have accused Al Franken or at least eight. Now if we're gonna get in this innocent until proven guilty let me remind you let me remind you. Harvey Weinstein. Is accused by 72. Women of inappropriate behavior. He should be charged he's got to go there is not one admission from Harvey Weinstein. And he has denied the mall. There is not a scintilla of proof. Against Harvey Weinstein. There is not a scintilla of proof against. What's his face from house of cards Kevin Spacey. He has denied most of those accusations. And in in the ones that he has admitted to set I was wrong I'm sorry I don't remember that way. You know. So this is a retirement turn on the street armored truck and hale know we're we spent the first two hours and forty minutes not talking about trump. And when I did mention trump in passing it was to congratulate him on his Jerusalem decision today. So back up. I can be fair and I am fair using Franken or resigned what do you think yes he passed there too many people from his side of the aisle including. Kristen Gillibrand and Claire McCaskill. Who have come out and said you've got to go you know who has not come out and I find this shocking. Elizabeth. Warren. Has not. At my last check and I'll I'll double on double check your second. At last check Elizabeth Warren has not publicly come out. And sent Al Franken has got to go she better get in front of this or she is going for now and I don't mean physically of course she politically. But I believe. These women. Especially those who have put their name all along. I lead to when it was Bill Clinton. It was a different time so. Different time. And you had Hillary Clinton whom I'm no fan. So as we incomes burst wasn't your husband is ADB. And he takes advantage of women when you're not around sweetie. I've 76779. It yes I think Al Franken has ago. There there there there's too much smoke. And when Bill Cosby was being accused of all this stuff out at an eye. Right now org rat. The things that I said. When Bill Cosby was being accused because I hate. And maybe it was because Dana in in in my own defense and I and it's harshly even wage one. Couldn't believe that. The guy I grew up watching on TV. Who was on the Cosby Show and sold me Jolo and was Fat Albert I couldn't believe. That he would take advantage of women in the way. And so I've made the cardinal law. Well these are just accusations and and remember the things you would say to me you'll often said Scott there is way too much smoke for them not to be a fire. And I tried to defend Bill Cosby for a long time I can't. And won't. And when it comes to Bill Clinton back in the ninety's when it comes to. Donald Trump when it comes to Al Franken when it comes to John Conyers when it comes to Harvey Weinstein. When it comes to Kevin Spacey. There's too much smoke. But it's hard isn't it to put the ones we'd like over there and that court sure it's heart. And what happens is with the Roy Moore is for example people are so. I've never understood it. Politics. And I really don't understand now. Where people. Who say you know I I vote my Christian values or I vote you know pro choice. Or I do this or that. People on the left. We're willing to excuse John Conyers. Nancy Pelosi prime among them. Because he was a civil rights icon and he voted the way she voted. And and so. Maybe these women are really tell as one hazard to how many are there that's what Nancy Pelosi said on Meet the Press. And conversely on the other side of the I'll. When you have a guy like Roy Moore. You were saying well. Four keys each. But yet the very people who say these are forty year old accusations and that's all they are accusations. Are the same people back in the nineties. Who said well I understand their twenty year old accusations. But they've got to be true because it's against Amanda I. I mean it's just the Bob the blind cited as. That an all or a if the guy hasn't are by his name. I'm willing to fork yet. My deep seeded religious convictions. And vote for this guy because he might be what I want to. I don't clear that when he's alone he reads two corinthians. Well Scott and this was the greatest but this was the funniest thing a couple years ago. When. Donald Trump says something about two corinthians. And I made fun of it on the air and Mike you know Heatley pearls around December religious and two corinthians is global block. And somebody called and I'll never forget his lawyers who have. And so what you're idiots got. He is a presbyterian. And that's what presbyterian is called bad book. What you called the wrong talk show friend I am a presbyterian. And I go to Presbyterian Church and we call at second corinthians. I know that because my pastor says please turn to bibles to second corinthians not to corinthians you call the wrong talk show. We're willing to forgive our deeply felt beliefs. If the DB that we're voting for has the right letter next whose name. And its us access had. It is a sad fact in America. Wouldn't we are willing to allow. Women to be victimized and turn the other cheek. Because this person is gonna vote for women's rights when he gets them. Or this person is going to vote to end abortion in America when he gets in there or this person wants to. Legalize doctor kids or this person doesn't. I'm willing to forget everything I really believe in my life. Because that guy has the same letter next to his name I have next to. Shame. Shame. Marciano lethal Marcy. I. Looked. At Clinton and Republican not Democrat. Racing doctor and and I don't know I imagine the mental thing is. OK so we all of them being that once he abandoned when we teens and funny track. Of where calling these people can be. Because something they did it how long ago it. I don't know I've never sexually assaulted anyone I have Nadia. I'm not gotten out completely actual. Content and bumping off color or. I am you know writing something and someone the you know. Immediate functioning and is getting muddy wet like actual culprit is. Something that may or may not be perceived as pro. But marks I think where we're getting to here it is and and is a fine line in and where that fine line will be drawn I don't know yet. Difference but there is a difference Mars between you or me when were eighteen year old kids and bill flopping your books back and forth the first day of school. Writing something appropriate. And being a 32 year old man asking a sixteen year old girl Ottoman date I understand the arguments gonna come and in the tax iron second that's legal. Okay. It was legal and Alabama the time that's fine it. What is legally right is not morally right and what he was doing was wrong and he admitted to that. And I agree. Completely with backs my point being I think a lot and are so muddy. When you got a life. Clean it then became one after another after another after another and I think Elaine and things don't really bad day. Aren't quick someone wrote and the waited until it is the way Taylor Swift did it and she is one of the women on the cover of time magazine and I had to remember in my estimates and Taylor Swift immediately came out. Said this man in this photo is it just grabbed my butt. That is assault that is not okay. And I'm not asking for a dime I'm asking for a dollar. The man lost his job and every one of dot what is the difference between Taylor Swift in every other woman. On that cover. She's famous she had the power. She had the power. The women were coming forward against the politicians. Had no power and I applaud Taylor Swift for coming out and doing what she did. But correct me if I'm wrong is not easier to come out sure against some yea who disc jockey Macon ten bucks an gallery and he was my Minnesota. Who's may use to work in this build but he had no power over her Scott she's Taylor so I mean it's. Very hard to compare her and and her answer. And bravery or fight or. This swiftness. With which she came forward. We're charities and her last chance to compare that. With these women coming forward about it very powerful politician twenty years ago or forty years ago in travels charges 576779. Did you write your for the number one Volkswagen dealer all of Kansas City Volkswagen of Lee's summit I love that little sporting ET on have been right around and for weeks. I test drove the app lists and yurigan eleven 167 once it's five if you asked me to choose my favorite I don't think that I can't. I love them both they drive the same and you're gonna love. 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A bit on traffic here is major miles. It's. A. Strategist folks in this. You know what Lleyton that it's. An idiot you and I I was. Ron in independence hello Ron welcome. I get Scott at the quick to say. Are there for her little rushed today and I it would com and it's something you set about Jerusalem. Output less said today and you know rashes 99 point seven correct. Yeah that's it. I think you're Angel like I don't these urban. In a way where he said that it was. About Jerusalem. Jordan who. Is the same thing. Bill Clinton said the same thing. And Obama. Said the same thing. So now. We're out is saying that. So captaincy. That's all right that sign on its relay relay in what he's said today. Johnny Missouri gets last word forgo the news elegiac. Janet. I'll go and I wanted to point out to being real quick. First it's often that you know playing into identity politics. That stepped stern are the country. People see a. And in you see a lot of the. What I'll sort things like oh what about Bill Clinton. That's that's pat Clark about right now like heat it was equally at that we're talking about more. I know that they can when it comes to sexual assault why would people talk about they're coming out too late are coming up chili. But that's ridiculous when you see what they're treated. When you see people calling them liars at school papers looking for money why would you expect anyone to about I different about our recent talked about Howell. They were actually it's all about twenty years ago. And there like in the come out and that's what the deal. Oh well no but it aren't strong enough to handle that. It ain't ever wanted it in peace if you had somebody call you out to be put new position apparent order me pick your wallets. What you do. Well and and and John let me just interrupt make quick final point the way to get to the news Dana herself. Sexually assaulted at a bar a couple of years ago and her first thought. Was what did I do to invite. This. Saying something and it is something. I will end it is called and it it was a good when we thank you for it there is a reason. States have extended the statute of limitations on sex crimes especially sex crimes against children Scott there's a reason they did that they shouldn't have done it. People do not go screaming from the rooftops when something like this happens in every case. Immediately after they are attacked into the newsroom here as Caremark happening now on KM BZ finally progress on traffic problems downtown we'll have more next. You know some tab and almost all of us and knock on wood have a synonymous in the future but if you do. Find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair. It was an up there many times dale is a personal friend of mine. I've seen his crews are work they're the best in the business and their work and deals and was springs is guaranteed is our usual in your car truck. Get a fixed right the first time. 81622818558162281855. Wrong minded deals auto collision. Dot com deals and blue springs take care of cars taking care of. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.