POTW: How the USCIS helps build families

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, December 1st

In a nondescript office park in Overland Park, a division of the Federal Government operates with one job: to create families.


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And what should embody. Sheet and you living Johnny yes and are you originally from shining. None from Bulgaria vote G is the most energetic happy used most enthusiastic. Eleven year old I think I have ever met week we learned at Bojan dark means gift from god and we didn't wanna change. That name so he goes by boat or Bojan. Greg Greene is suppose he's dad he and his wife Stephanie spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe. And when they decided to adopt a child from overseas Bulgaria seemed like a good fit one week into the process the agency says this never happens. But yeah. There's a little boy named Moses dark. Then it's we think would be. An excellent pair were you when we each saw his picture for the first time and we knew from that moment. We wanted him to be our son and they were often running. I met the greens this past Tuesday when I was asked to share Little League Jason adoption story. With some local families and a team of federal government workers who help people adopt children from overseas. 90% of the international adoptions in this country run through an office right here in the Kansas City area. And this was the first time ever that the families actually got to meet and thank the men and women who had helped them through the highs and lows. The overseas trips and so much red tape to make those adoptions possible. Biggest challenge we'll wait here. Some of the paperwork I mean we we understand the reasoning for all the paperwork. He began to sway neat ending actually it was no easy his adoption went much faster than we actually expected. Clearly it's worth all the waiting below sea and his smile he's got an on right now he's jumping up and down as we're talking here what's been the biggest surprise. I think his bonding and attachment to us. He's taught us so much about engaging the people loving people as they are he still teaches us. That kind of stuff it every day. But it's not always smiles and hugs especially at the beginning. When two very different worlds collide. We're in the Paris airport and he says he's not team in the American culture English yet and it. I'm I'm using words like good boy good boy here in the word Malloy is actually a word of the fight or hit. And he's punching me in the head in the Paris airports so he's just doing what I told them to do. That was cultures colliding coming together and we we made it work no he no longer punches me in the head so I'm kind of excited about the hot. Yeah. Five years later the greens don't do well on the awkward moments they cherish the special ones with Bo Jeanne. He filled out aid paper for 2000 sending mothers day and it says my mom loves me no matter what it was in his handwriting. Big pressure. I remember when we went to pick him up I saw him through the window and he was jumping up and down its. He was jumping up and down yelling Tesco Texaco which means daddy and Gary and I love that that moment is it's in my heart. I'm so thankful to have met the greens and heard their story. Just like so many moms and dads here and across America are thankful to a small group of people in Overland Park. The dedicated men and women of the US citizenship and immigration services who makes families come true and our our person of the week. On this Friday before Thanksgiving.