The new Blood Pressure guidelines...

Kansas City's Morning News
Tuesday, November 14th

Where does your blood pressure fit into the new guidelines?

Dr. Kamal Gupta, the Director of the University of Kansas Hospital's Hypertension Group explains to E.J. and Ellen what we all need to know about blood pressure. 


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Kansas city's morning news one of the big stories we've been following this morning of course is the story about hypertension and about. How federally nationally they wanna try and change the rules and say that. A lower blood pressure equals higher blood pressure mean he's been 140 over ninety was the standard they now want to make it 130 over eighty. Doctor Kamal go to is medical director of the hypertension group. At the University of Kansas hospital he will join us to give us the skinny on at about ten minutes Phyllis and all we really need to know about this change in the definition of high. Pressure let's stay with our medical theme because this is a story you'll only here on KM BZ. It's part of our ongoing series the addict next door. OP it's such a huge problem in this country but what do you give people to deal with pain if not OPO rights. He's doing dynasty no executive dean of the college of osteopathic letters and her parents should be universal. A single clinch before we even got to would you open rewards or Holbrooke pushed or maybe more attention should be paid to alternative putting pretty. Lunch ones and ideas from my patients in the past things like a medical massage acupuncture all have very beneficial effects and they have been shown to be beneficial in in the number of different articles putting with pretty Affordable Care Act medical insurers. We're known as likely to cover alternative treatments. Tigers who serves awareness and education and the two biggest albums. You have when it comes to prescribing grade railroads the reason educational campus in medical training. Bill Brady usually geared more and king can be easily it's 9/11 here on K. Am BZ. Sadly she always sounds like is it does with the songs sounds like I'm not a Taylor swimmers. I think I probably couldn't. It's a different kind of fielded a lot of her songs that sounds like her I wouldn't recognize Taylor Swift song from an Adams with song. Whose swift I would recognized as well from apple called. He never heard election kidnappers and the like shake cute now. It's like from my childhood no details this issue was maligned an excellent. Taylor Swift announced reputation stadium tour dates yesterday and she's coming to arrowhead September 8. Tickets go on sale to the public on the thirteenth of peace amber. And the tour's website says ticket prices go from fifty to 350 bucks without specific details for each city those who come out later date. And I guess in eating fifty bucks that's fine. To see Taylor Swift it's not that you're not proceed with for fifty talks with binoculars she will. Huge screen shall see. YouTube site screens but him. And very few answers after thousands of dollars apparently disappeared from only if a parent teacher organization. Only the police say they're investigating a complaint filed last month about the missing money from the PT as bank account at Breyer would elementary. Board members say they noticed the money missing back in August met behind closed doors last night to discuss the matter please let's say how much money is missing they see no arrests have been made in this case. Coming up as we continue on Kansas city's morning news. A change in pressure. Blood pressure. We'll talk about it with a dock from case you mad what you need to know and do you need to be concerned. Now that high blood pressure is lower headlines out this morning about changes in guidelines to treating high blood pressure. 140 over ninety is what they used to say needs to be treated now they wanna make it 130 over eighty. Doctor Kamal who today is the medical director of the hypertension group the University of Kansas hostilities will this on the news line and doctor Gupta it seems like a lot of people may have gone to bed perfectly fine last night but woke up this morning to this news with high blood pressure. That is correct. That is that the big news of the day in our field. Is this some move that needed to be made. You know if it to move steadily helped create more awareness about hypertension in the community. And that's in the long run I think it will prevent more strokes and heart starts. OK so so. How do you go about getting the message out how you go about treating people because you know I. To beat 140 over ninety would set off alarm bells to meet 140 over ninety is not normal house had been normal for so long. So what forty or ninety walked in recommendations start treatment. And built that they were in the previous guidelines that the biggest stage of a pre hypertension. And normal. So in the previous guidelines on 1490 but the compromise between or educating people what is really preventing stroke and those types. Now the new guidelines do it they create more of fairness and some people would be starting treatment ardea. I will say that we got a couple attacks this morning that said it's just a way to get doctors to prescribe more pills and help out the pharmacy industry what's your response to that. They don't they'll certainly be people who will be put on medication not that were not taking medications before. But the intent of the guidelines it's not to treat hypertension. Medication Google. For instance. If somebody now diagnosed with high blood pressure. Which is less than 1413139. The guidelines say we have to work on like stuck modification. Which means having council. Voting complete. Been having their regular exercise program. And it opted consistently doing that the blood pressure's still remain higher than the recommendations. Then think about medications. The guidelines also state that with the score guidelines so 130. Only those people who have diabetes heart attack a prior stroke. Or kidney disease or significant increased risk of any of these should be put on medications. Others should still be banished Rick lifestyle changes. Doctor called goo day is the medical director of the hypertension group at the University of Kansas hospital doctor Gupta for years for. Decades may be the Cleveland clinic widely recognized as the heart hospital in the country if not one of the best certainly one of the best if not certainly the best. Dana said for the longest time 120 over eighty is too high to these new guidelines go far enough. So we have no you're right turn. Their significant others have documented for a long time. That data. Increasing grip with blood pressure or on fifteen. And higher so even people more than 150 to 120 we have yet fired compared to those who are left Portland fifty. But understand we can't paint everybody with the same brush. About pressure of 130. May be too hard for somebody who's in their forties. But somebody with a and that seventies. That may still be allowable. So if you go into the norm too with the guidelines. They are the two nations based on groups including age. There's somebody in the thirties or forties. Certainly 120. Once fifteen is a good number to mean for. Is there are genetic component to this is my parents anti blood pressure and I'm bound to have a two. And fortunately there's a stronger genetic complement to their for instance there's an agent involvement. African Americans Hispanics tend to be more so sensitive. And other date is may not be and certainly hypertension drug apparently. For sure. That's the that is absolutely true. Doctor Gupta great information we appreciate you joining us this morning and sharing it with us thank you so much. Pressure doctor Martin group to the medical director the hypertension group. At the University of Kansas hospital.