Louis CK apologizes but uses foul language to do it....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, November 10th

Dana thinks this is one of the most bizarre apologies she's ever read.   But at least he 'owns' his bad behavior.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. Quick shot of precipitation in the forecast has remaining to the start of the weekend he didn't drive for the rest of today and an eerie chillier high low forties. Mostly cloudy as the night goes on that little ride around 35. Areas of drizzle and light rain in the forecast on Saturday for veterans day the high upper forties. Light rain and drizzle and so the early parts of Saturday night's clearing out Sunday at a highland fifties sunny in mid to upper fifties on Monday. I'm staff meteorologists got a pretty era Mauritanian BC weather 86 yankees the yanks 38 Lee's summit 38 and you're special weather station. Else. Think people. I'll a couple of things have happened. Jack got accepted the case you yeah. I couldn't say anything. Because we didn't tell him. The email came into Joe's inbox and he didn't even read it didn't know what lines. Science suddenly my name. With all the Washburn gave you an answer. Ichabods that the kids. If you measured by. Instincts are 48 hours ago and in yesterday after we got the news that he got and it's why don't sit around if ticket some relaxation. What was actually actually it was so excited you know we did I went to. Hole. What's called not rally house that one of the Kansas and not what are we measuring again and I got my. Foot stand up. Pop pop pop pop up ads and Little League C sweat shirts. And I had a wrap it up and red blue in the dinner last night. And like. It's. Was no doubt I was kitten and a you know it add add like. Them or some. Well it's not say anything about the junior college I just don't necessarily need him in my basement for the next unions. So well what Jack amateurs up. I sit next year mom for four hours. There were some bow. It's just like if he'd tell I mean what are fees that can't weather like Albert and it's able. So that we were over the moon thrilled that that is. That's not the way now we can before and it was really sweet K you tweeted me back as fast as we are thrilled congratulations. I think there's. I'm so happy you know the I cried when he called like cry now. Relatively. Under. So as to hunt so anyway. We've gone into the future yes. And we actually have audiotape of Jack Matt KUMO. Eight yes we do Travis. Nothing is over until you decided if when you're not going up. How loud. And determine together these grow nail. Now. But why not done yet fast. A tough gig yeah. Statement. That's Jack at his first night in the fraternity what do you what's fun is you are not good at this door honey hey it is here a. Your fill up fast and. There. Jesus sat down to dissent while it's common Scott any. Not so I let me tell you something right now I am so happy for you. I'm so proud of Jack. Go jacked right that's your last name but coach Jack. And I'm through thank you. Are very happy I have other Britain what what do you miss when Dana mentioning and I say well policy with an extra part of the. But a lot of people asking on this excellent not to get into. Louise but I will I thought if you lose against she got and that is not true anymore is when we were kids like his library and endless and that this. I have friends whose sons got in 23 years ago. By the skin of you know what I mean even without a requirement that Burton marginal and Jack's got great grades but he's not a four point. And they have changed the admission requirements. To get into. I don't wanna say Allstate's schools but Kansas. Has moved its requirements. Up it is made. Would be wrong but it's a three point oh on a twenty fighting CT or some combination their just FY. I have some breaking news myself and this has been stamped. No when I get married I was gonna say no no it's that it didn't 120 no. Standing up okay. Lee's house has sold. I. Just. Who I don't and I don't care the sign went in the yard yesterday night out. Today. Sought to guys walk. Okay they're saying what the hell that we get ourselves and him within minutes came a huge. Metal tracks care. You know we're talking about this problem. Some zip on a big strong and ass they park that they in the driveway and they drove off and I just stood up there ago. She says thank you. Thank you she's day. Yes and I talked. He said he bought and he's ready to advertise. Who happens I said have you seen rules. Did you tell them about the. Ago I go easy now killer as a batsman bedroom winter there as of the Parsons feral cats and records back. He has time. If it's. Okay. Berman checked and renovate it he's gonna he's gonna how well you know. Kara they don't want it they brought in the huge dump truck today so I'm assuming there gonna tear basically turned out I was hoping. There are going to be one of those things have been doing a northeast Johnson county and our they terror at a house down and built like a 500 at our house yeah. That's what I was open it's not gonna have a renovated it now rent it. One. Don't care. On top you get nice lie and it was Lee's house has been bought. Sign in the front yard there is a huge dump truck and error garbage container in the driveway. Don't have to wake up every morning ago and it's. House next door. Is about to be fixed I am almost as happy for you about that as you are okay. And so happy and. A different era in nice Yemeni news you'd like to share with us not. I got the chip in my windshield fixed. Okay yeah K did you call so if I repair flight reported today that's it sound that exciting she Travis. In my work thirteen hours to I'm working all day but it in my the next neighbor that moved that movement. Let me tell you something right now I would be real you know -- next door neighbors. We write together to work and now. I'm good at it. Senna at really what it really would know you are right techsters summary says Scott be careful as Burma and run your house. After the construction starts and killer talked about this. This she you know I'm petrified of cockroaches. Will you know. In a houseful of who there're going to be cockroaches. And she said when they start the renovation those cockroaches are gonna leave yet but they're gonna come to your house on. I'm Mike and strip are now seeing the same thing I. Well it's not like rats know they're like address 12943. And they shouldn't go to 14925. Big move. What do they. It's always. Are certain. Mice noises. Like thinking about this talk about anything else that price so anyway so Kelly it was Thomas is like Scott you need to get in touch with your exterminator friend from one single. And get him to come out there because as soon as they start. Turned a mad house they were there that cockroaches are gonna leave they're gonna go to the nearest house and that's going to be yours. You know how I feel about cock you know what do you call it that way going to buy. Well he definitely going to put up eight cock rhetoric. Okay what does that look like I don't know mapped to return OK. But anyway. Speaking of animals and creatures that we. Don't. Like. The so. This morning. Carry you would I'd know. You would have died. I'm over. Teller's house wherever coughing that's not a euphemism. We're sitting at the island in the kitchen and she's she's in her scrubs. A guy. Relieved when she puts on her like sweatshirt on my zipper up switcher. I notice that there's like an ink stains. And a. At the top talent right down now shoulder of her scrubbed a ha and I am I am just sit there and I'm sipping my coffee with milk. And they can poll. She Inkster in extra outs left tellers who shouldn't change before she goes just. Erica look him in lean in a little bit and I see the ink stain new oh behind. On the ink stained miraculously. Moved on her scrubs. And so I lean and she is what you two. And I ago. No one. She is what is it she didn't she throws shoes what is it ago. You have a spider. And all right next to your neck. And and it was a birdie. So I swat. So I so want it all over like right here. And it balls like dorm. Well I got it got it but I didn't get a it's. So I swat the spider. And it lands like right here. And and then I swat began and it lands on the island. Well it's survival techniques kicked him. This thing was run and run. And Kelly's like going. And I just don't. Did you did. Kill our. The only thing worse to the end of that story what does he would have missed it is and it disappeared you don't know America yes. Hogg who wasn't walls Butler. You know Paul doesn't Tommy if you finds a spider he just skills at and then end it like if it's on me god forbid and he'll discuss. And then whatever it is goes blank and he doesn't tell me and. And it's fine. I'm about to send a nasty text and I need you to tell me not to do to try to send to. I know it's Friday never send an angry tech is an email. And effort and I agree everyone in this ram and a few people who are not in this room and it includes words that start with that. Well won't just happen. What do we do where. Is charger. That I. Just well put on. Her 48 hours ago it is in the newsroom Rebecca Crockett has now. My finger was her slams and Julianne. Ignorant your experts in essence. Maybe I should I edged. I. You CMOs I'm sure. Despite a percent. Oh. Or medication for your anxiety. But if you needed to greater. Gray eyes and see him. How Utah crazy day and you. And they've all our rights. Six. 477. 867. At 1477. They only keep your phone powered up and running they keep your old dark house Howard. It's what 678147. A seven or seen in those ads. I'm. Hey guys I am out at some fresh market in Kansas City, Kansas off Shawnee and were out here collecting it Turkey's. To come by one of the just being sent for markets today. And I'll tell you which ones those are in a second. In purchase and donated ten pound frozen Turkey to go lambs operation Thanksgiving. Iowa trucks on site to deposit frozen turkeys and again at that participating some fresh markets. This holiday season low income families they need to enjoy fest of Thanksgiving meal and let's be honest. Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without Turkey period and in a better enjoy Thanksgiving that's a fun. Here's where you can donate turkeys some fresh market here in Kansas City, Kansas some fresh market are sure to. In Kansas City, Missouri and cushion keynotes. Some fresh in Independence, Missouri. Frozen turkeys are the biggest thing we need but we've also. Really like some side dish stuffing. Yams green means all that kind of stuff you can deliver that feel that would be great I'm Jonathan we are edits on fresh market here in Kansas City, Kansas on Shawnee. For 98 from one and Al Alam. At 4 o'clock this afternoon. Round two of sniff that shock. Here's a number. It's a Friday afternoon we got moved in it. Friday. Go ahead Dell had no I don't feel that it it's a great setup forever similar Alex has. My wife has a one easy now offer ones that looks she edit today and she's pregnant so you know. Top thank you I breasts grow and they're beautiful insisted that download it those like you look like an inter galactic like a great. Like some Star Wars like Omaha system just applicants actually. Everyone and that's hopefully. You look like no gives hair make out scene and the rabbinate out of our actually that is the warmest coat I've ever and who have yet to on having a resident Anna on you pretty much. I defeated him and I. I'd opt Edmonton's and then wolf yeah. Happy and my son. Caucus experience spirit a spirit that's just to see ligaments wearable post its and Bryant you'll love it again today. I think he did you know agenda for the holidays Christmas and one Christmas. For you know like your news down in the producer. And Christmas lessons. I'm Eric and Adam and have a lot on price missing from not this budget over the on this over the bill article crazed iciness. Yeah you start right now outweigh the value here happy Eliot halfway down Christmas yet they needed to Europe and it's all holidays yeah. You know. We beat her well because I guess because whether liberal crew you know what he's done so yeah you know but I would hear you know when you're an NC. NC. And ablaze in double ACP when they're your 435 magazine yeah I mean right march local legends I mean you know you're you gotta you gotta stick because yeah. And. It's barrier that still might mean. Shows who has just been listening to. Welcome we would. Join us. He's a friend yes typically am actually mad you know I'm not that no thank you Crockett that porting thought I was really angry chizik was doing an interview. Just for some healing in. Your charger and here's what's funny the email I was about to send. It would not gone down well. It was an there was some anger that came through. Sweet Allen sank. I'd over here we have sniff that jock coming your way at 4 o'clock let me just give you a preview of what we have coming up achieved it. I swear you have no idea what's coming your. Travis tell me if you can get these no idea. I mean. Don't say just only you know. Fitness and we tell them yeah UC. LU shocks her. A note they do. Olmert on. An. American you via its. When we come back I know you all think that we just keep talking about sexual harassment how web bar. I don't think it's an. I couldn't care less about the team struggling. I don't ask her exactly like that. Sounds like nine airplane and couldn't cure journalist about the team's. Did you hear. Comedian. Okay. Is accused is at five women that are accusing him of this thing that we're gonna talk about coming out for coming out against. And rather. House is rubber. Jerry is now saying your work mr. Now saying that his brother is being persecuted quote like Jesus or else please. I. Simmered now there Chris and boy were intimately CK because he owns. In he really. Bizarre. Written apology. About what he did read. Some of the words we can't agree because we get trouble for saying. But it's an apology unlike any other I have ever seen. But I couldn't care less about the team struggling. To the news that Caremark issued an Oakland park. This afternoon possibly sparked by road rage love more next. Data right here for my me avert Volkswagen dealer the number one Volkswagen dealer and all of Kansas City Volkswagen of these summit. Did you know it's like Friday on the long. You'll get it to ten. Thousand dollars off all remaining 2017. Up to 101000 dollars off plus. 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Go to Volkswagen of Lee's summit and tell them you want to see Dana's car just off 470 and Colbert wrote Volkswagen of Lee's summit. 230 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or a shooting near 133 hemlock leaves one person in critical condition this afternoon and police have a suspect in custody and say they're investigating this as a case of road raged. The victim was shot at least twice. All wild high speed chase in Oklahoma City man leading police on a long pursuit today at one point he reportedly broadcasted on FaceBook lives breeze. In through Oklahoma City area sealed the man driving the heavy duty pick out played games with the Lacey would wait for them as they would approach he would take Don Foss roading dodging patrol cars and spike strips even bullets that were fired Adam. And one point police hit on the truck spun around and he kept going finally with police in pursuit and driving backwards demand drove into Aponte Randall was con. BC's Alex Stone let's check traffic and weather together next it's 232. KM BZ traffic and weather together here's Jay Edwards. Fair weather conditions are very nitty weathered two in the forecast for the rest of today are gonna sneak on Etsy some low forties. Dropping to about 35 for tonight an increase in our clouds. Some moisture starting to stream on in for Saturday patchy drizzle early and Ares of light rain and drizzle into the afternoon timer high back to the upper forties. Clouds give way to sunshine on Sunday the highland fifties and keeping quiet weather in place for Monday more rain by Monday night. I'm staff meteorologists got a pretty era Mauritanian BC weather 36 KC 939 downtown it's 398 or official weather station. And Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Has gone. And the land is dark. And boom boom. Did the whole day. I. He hey it's just wrong. There is because they. Movies. There are so many. There are so many Scots. My Whitney got into the women's gymnastics team we'll start with Louie CK command in a little bit would have to Roy Moore. And what his brother is sending. Comparing Roy Moore to Jesus Christ. Louis CK. Today released a statement in response to a report published in the New York Times. About several women who stepped forward to discuss experiences with him in which he committed acts of sexual misconduct. In his statement Louie CK said quote. These stories are true. The complete statement from Lou CK appears below will read it to receive portion of it. Forgive me I'm gonna have to clean up a little bit off it. You'll get suggest. Louie CK rights and I quote. I want to address the stories told to the New York Times by five when named Abby Rebecca Damon Julia. Who felt able to name themselves and wanted to know. These stories are true. At the time I said to myself at what I did was okay. Because I never showed a woman might. Without asking first. Which is also true. But what I later in life to. Is that when you have power over another person. Asking them to look at your. The power I had over these women is that they admired. And wielded that power responsibly. I swore my actions. And I was so you're here it was about this point that I went back and re read what he said. And it might act in my mind I'm going. What. Is he joked. And I've tried to learn from them and run from them. Now I'm aware of the extent of the impact of my actions. I learned yesterday the extent to which I let these women who admired me feeling badly about themselves and cautious around other man who would never have put them in that position. I took advantage of the fact that I was widely admired in Miami their commune. Which to say the disabled them from sharing their story and brought hardship to them when they tried because people who look up to me did not want to hear. I did not think that I was doing any of that because my position lobbing not to think about. There is nothing about this that I forgive myself for. And I have to reconcile. With who I am which is nothing compared to the task I left them with. He and a lot of sentences prep solutions. But but now he's kind of righting the ship if you will. And sounds semi a remorseful and understanding about what he did not read the apology he apologizes coming up to everyone he works with. Because this is affected a lot of people there the hardest regret to live where it is what you've done to hurt someone else and I can hardly wrap my head around the scope of hurt and I've meant I'd be remiss. To exclude the hurt and I've brought on people who I work with. And I've worked with whose professional and personal lives have been impacted by all of this. Including projects currently in production. The cast and crew of better things baskets. They cops one Mississippi. And allowed you to death. I deeply regret this has brought negative attention to my manager Dave Becky who only tried to mediate a situation that I call list. I've brought anguish and hardship. To the people at FX who have given me so much New York it. Who took a chance on my movie. And every other amity that is bad on me through the years I've brought pain to my family my friends my children and their mother. I have spent my long and lucky career talking and saying anything that I want. I want mouse step back. And take a long time to listen. Thank you for reading. He sounds sincere this is what I think the only thing that makes it. I am having rove Harriet first is that two times he uses the. And the last four paragraphs. Were a publicist because everything toward the it and it. Is you state what you did. You apologized profusely. And not gonna do it again and I'm reflecting on my behavior he does all those things in the end. In the beginning it sounds like he's. It's he's joking about it his like I wasn't aware that I I couldn't really ask someone permission for reader. Blank my blank out. Re re getting up again it is in a totally different phone and it sounds like he's joking to me. Until he starts apologizing. Later in the statement. These stories are true. At the time I said to myself what I did was okay. Because I never showed a woman might. But what I learned later in life too late is that when you have power over another person asking them to look at your. It is a predicament. And then he goes on to use the word admire me and admirers. About if I counted correctly four times. It's just so weird Scott. I'm telling you the first couple of paragraphs are written by him and beyond that someone got all the statements and Anne Anne Anne Anne in a note this is how we're gonna say it is. I'm not saying he's not sorry. But you're really didn't know what a cocktail party yet couldn't do what he did. Really do you forgive them. I it's not for me to forget I wasn't one of those when well you would be a potential. A hero of issues well I'm not I'm not a fan of his I'd I don't like him at all because of the negative things he says that Kansas City he always. Makes fun of our. Now he's gone on national television multiple times and called. York city a blank holes. You wanna talk about the worst city I've ever been in its Kansas City. So I'd I can't stand he'd be the funniest guy. Comedian to ever walked the planet is very front and I'll say this I wouldn't know I never watched his stuff because the minute I saw him say that. On Fallon are Campbell I was like random idea I hate on them. Not for me different but I think are just another one and a line of inappropriate. Dave let me rephrase the question. If we had gotten a similar response. From someone tells. The what's his face and house of cards from space spate cabin space. We have gotten a state obviously Harvey Weinstein is off the table. If we had gotten a statement like this from Germany have. If we have gotten a statement like this from anybody else who is joining this very long list of Hollywood elite. Who were being accused of sexual harassment in a premier. If it wasn't Louis Louis CK yeah because of what he said about Kansas City would this be. And appropriate response. To minus the first paragraph yes. Because I just think it's weird that he tries to use the word detour via I I'd I didn't like that. OK shore the one thing he has going for him what commitment to lecture me ask more questions and. Somebody like a journey to hit them or a Kevin Spacey releases a statement like this do they get to move on with their Cooper now. And here's well not Kevin Spacey and here's why this is and a flip around. What Louie CK has going for him. Is that he did not tell these women. Watch what I'm about to do or als or keep your mouth shut or else you'll Harvey Weinstein we know hired. Crazy. Ninja they. I. Operatives to follow these women and ruin their careers so he's off the table for that. Kevin Spacey is off the table because he's the sexual predator. Now up to this point Louie CK is only accused of during this some events. Exposing himself to these women and amateur poker rooms for ya up up to this point so. Does that run his career. I think he's on the bench for awhile. But I don't think it's a Weinstein or Kevin Spacey. We didn't threaten their careers now eat eat. Brought to women. And then in another case to other women to his room twenty years ago. Took off his parents. And sent allegedly. And said look at this men started to an end this was twenty years ago. For him to keep saying how much they admired him and I was. This big deal and they were admirers go can count on how many times use that word. This guy was twenty years ago. Calm down Jerry signed felt OK. And I don't know it's just. Why can't people just be cave in a manner. That is in protest. 767798. Louie CK has issued an appalled. And at least he owns unlike the others he's got checked himself into rehab. Cap space as first sentences the stories are sure. These stories are true. He owned it now. Twenty years ago I act like an idiot. I was a moron. I think he sits on the bench because of the apology and because he owned it and because. There is no allegation up to this point of criminal. Sexual assault against another person. Kevin Spacey has a long list of accusers. Who say. The same story that he physically. Touched them inappropriately. When they did not want to be touched. Actually. Applaud him on this last paragraph. Lucy Kay writes and I quote. I have spent my long and lucky career talk. And saying anything that I won't. I will now step back and take a long time to listen. Thank you for reading. Very well written. Very well. I don't know if he wrote it. When it came out under his name. I think it's I I I actually think this apology letter is very fair minus two references to his. Is a very well written what. And I think somewhere down the road he's able to salvage is where I agree I agree. 576779. Writer for Craig. Messed diamonds if you wanna buy a diamond if you wanna sell a diamond. Heck if you wanna sell an old set of sterling silver you don't know what to do with Scott and Steve will buy that on the spot from the EU. But let's talk about diamonds ladies I love that we analysts are coming here with her husband. On their thirtieth wedding anniversary when Anna Scott and Steve sat down on a Saturday. By private appointment only. And went over kind of in her mind what she thought she would like they were able to make that four hurt design it for. And deliver it directly. To her. There's no middleman and create a mass diamonds they are wholesalers. 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Dana the reason he mentions the admiration. Is because that is the basis for his how war over these women. OK hang. He is in a completely. Different category today. If this story holds true answer is right word is then the other predators. Actual predators that we've been talking about. On this program. Lately I think Lucie can actually will be able to resurrect his quarter yeah it's not gonna happen tonight. Is HBO specials been canceled. There was a movie premiere that was supposed to occur last night that was canceled. He has five projects in post production or on hold. It's hip was just Louie CK okay we had never heard about Harvey Weinstein we've never heard that Kevin Spacey. Take Bill Cosby off the table none of these things have been happening and it was just Louie CK I do not think we would seize such a dramatic swift result with this case. It's just. There are so many people telling so many horror stories about the way they were treated. They have no choice but table as front as studios right now or all in need jerk reaction gap until they can let the dust settle and say okay wait. Yeah can we salvage this guy's career not correct with Kevin Spacey the answer already is no. Now he's done. The EU tried to molest fourteen year old boys you're done. With Lucy Kay. He's accused. Asking women to come into his hotel room. Saying I'm gonna drop my pay a page you mind and I'm gonna show you might be how yes I mind how to yes I really well you do that his argument would be and it's a good argument. They had the out of jail. And fair warning that you're about to see it be because what's about to happen. There's. The. Try your twenties. I buy that because he's in his twenties he somehow get the whole past idol a lot of people in their twenties you've got randomly invite five women in your teller me like. Haiti in mind. No only one's gonna happen right prepare for you know. Newsroom McCarron marks. 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