Would you suck this bad at Family Feud? Also- Aaron Hernandez had CTE.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, November 10th

Researchers say it's one of the worst cases of CTE they've seen in a deceased athlete.   Dana believes this will soon become a viable defense in court.


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy and temperatures only hitting the low forties. Pathology takes about 35 tonight mostly cloudy. Back to the upper forties on Saturday for veterans day. We dean has some drizzle in the forecast in the morning time in and more areas of light rain and drizzle by the afternoon and an idling greater early Saturday night to low forty. Increasing sunshine slightly milder Sunday low fifties. I'm staff meteorologists got a pretty era Mauritanian BC weather 36 now Casey and I it's 39 now 39 in your official weather station. And. And fires to. But a lot of desire. I will let me. A ring of fire. Oh yeah Lou burning ring of fire. Now. And the planes wildfires. And it turns. The parade fire. I'm glad you're wise so quickly. Why bring. I cannot wait to listen that I. And who got some good ones this week and couple that Dana thinks gonna hit. Right out of the park are in trouble she's gonna go feminist sniffed that jock right out of the park with the endless. It's so ago fourth inning stretch at. A little salt and speaking of games. There's gonna be at locals have grandfather granddaughter combo on wheel of fortune next week the grandfather granddaughter say that's fine or out of warrants so they'll be appearing in. Hopefully with lots of money going when people from our area. Chop on a national game just like. It's okay if you had to choose your wheel of fortune partner my husband. Really a 100% is he's good at what attic. 100% to other I was watching and I know it's harder once or onstage and I did the prices right thing obviously it will fortunate things tougher. And it's different being there than it is playing now yeah we all recognize that but there are times and last week where flip around and it was on. And it was on the lightning round were there the liberal fast as a running at a time. And the puzzle was completely solved except for one letter. And none of those Ding bats could. You're out and it was something so. Copy and I don't remember the phrase but it was something very common and very obvious and they were like the is there an N number of pets did you like. The man. Or is. Ed BR CAD in like the bees missing there like three. People. As anybody on the show or bin. And I mean I don't. Now I can't. Bothered good luck. I can we go. With him. I think maybe this moment and it. If I would never make an odd thing. Prices averaged three did you get the whining. Everything. 85 all. A hot dog. It was his venom and I'm somebody went on to in the end you know I was supposed to won the match game that we're gonna flying out October 11 which is very past. And and they found 29 and spend. Works for an ABC. Affiliate. Say to them that man would not let the match game was if it walked out and smacked him in the day doesn't watch. Game shadows he just Mary Tyler Moore right that's alliances. On its own at night and CNN. That's it. That's my husband that's adorable not too many people watch video games but Yankee go on now glad. He is just a simple kinda guy but if you sit in on what on the next game ego. Just wouldn't know it looks to hear you would want the prices right now didn't talent anyways it's now. I didn't tell my mom. And I didn't so Chris and tell me partner to keep it from my mom. I did say Chris something happened. But I can't tell you once he got out of the final one tell. Stupid game show. You until any Angela and I managed Dina you've you've already cashed in the prize gas birdies sold the car yeah. Who'd Egypt and telling about their. Dana. One. When I drink at some my girlfriend of mine and Alison no I might have said something. About. Made me. Maybe. Having a trip to Napa in my future and I couldn't talk about Connell now is never going to be ever any who my friend Amy and she was like. I had a and that was it I swear to Moses that was it. And I didn't tell our. We were just drinking wine and I was thinking about lion witch and you think about great sportsman to think about Napa which made me think about the price is right now I work. Now. So will fortunate grandfather granddaughter. I'm not at big partner up kind of person when it comes to competition yeah I was not see that actually now. Because of grant process something silly and it lost. You'd lose your mind I'd have to punch him in Najaf. I go it alone what game show would you be the best. Probably. Wants to be in there. Like weird brained contribute things OK you're not smoke I would be horrible. Horrible girl. Hot dogs. What I look at you know one I would love to go one. It would be a tossup between. Honestly be a toss up between wheel of fortune. Yeah. And pressure luck remember the win Emmys which was the dumbest game that's not on TV I really that big bill I show no skill involved it was just a computer. There's zebras skill involved in pressure lock. It I wanna just for once feel to say that out loud. You just did know. What would you go one profit machine. Now that he's got for the people I understand it only give you 101000 dollars got a split five I would pick wisely. It has to be I better be on now you know I had better be on your family feud team. It can be co workers. Don't know we asked me family. Actual fan yes remember when they were coming to town as we were all getting it again we are gonna do like and you diabetes and Travis has been adopted brother. Let us. Well hey Steve this is our system and Obama adopted son we got our eyes about the brother he's adopted. And I don't know what he's he's he is like he's sorry is but he he's he's our token that. I. Remember them saying he actually had to be relate it. I don't like family feud there's too many people and too many people there it's too expensive to go out the problem is they have to be over the age of eighteen. Gang member week yeah. They have to be over the age of eighteen is pointers register and get all of us on aren't you know them Ottawa and so funny. And they actually have to be family members the problem is over the age of eighteen. Actual family members. Unless I bring him like my aunt from some severe my cousins. From Dallas. I only have four. And your money your brother and his wife and he need fifth person he can't taken Albers in on the him if you can't take aegs three seconds and they start getting flustered him he's so cute but the but the that Steve Harvey made like a sexual innuendo in your mom was like all my mom wouldn't give it it would be back. You really funny and like awfully well I'll tell you feel like it assets might mean something that you swallow. It. She'll ago. It wouldn't. I really quick does what we're gonna do. The prices right state showed the last time it came to town. Came to town on my wedding night so that I I couldn't go I was like. I just looked away for so next time the price is right stage show comes here. We are going no. Questions asked everyone on the show ago because out of six of us somebody will get up there. You again I don't know I don't think they let you do it you it's got to be like six years between. The states I think it's all the same enchilada in GAAP promise me you would do that he's got it would be so funny. Why does a double we got top seven answers on the board. And something the doctor might pull out of a person. Arson journal. Quart bag the double. Hugo top six ounces off on the board. Name something that follows the word pork. Yeah actually spelled it. The port and. I've stood in long like brands out there. The board. The pump up warm and. It's. What Billy poor. Okay. Maybe something that closed the word pork. You pack. People say. Q pat. Yeah yeah. Why is Q. Yeah okay. Man number 10 you do and how. Bet every dollar odd yeah. Right here for C demos and son at. Common now for your top of the lines in Iraq come standby generator before winner gets here winner ice snow snowstorms. In the last and we and it. Thunderstorm. Roll through here there were 90000. People without power in Kansas City that was just for a thunderstorm. Winter weather is upon us let me tell you called them before the snow starts flying CMOs and so on since the 1950s. Am out operated they are in the business of selling servicing and supplying your generate some standby generator. 8167814707. As the number 8167814707. Or CMOs. And sun dot com. ABC traffic here is jail ports. This Friday afternoon. Nobody coming up right after 4 o'clock. Your second installment of that job. 5 o'clock new emphasis Friday this afternoon it is Friday afternoon. And I've worked almost twenty hours. So rated cracker Beers at 5 o'clock sit back relax and air your grievances. Story here from Boston here. Former patriots. Tight end Aaron Hernandez. Had severe damage to his brain from sports related head injuries that are known to impede decision making and cause aggression. And a quarter and Boston University researcher who announced the path Alger results today. Quoting here from doctor Sam McKee director of the Boston University chronic traumatic I can't pronounce that next were center. Encephalopathy. Encephalopathy. And that's not use doctor M McKee says and I quote in any individual. We can't take the pathology. And explain the behavior. We can say collectively in our collective experience. That individuals with CTC. And CTE of this severity. Have difficulty with impulse control decision making inhibition. In polls of progression. Other emotional volatility and rage behavior. Tank. So apparently Aaron Hernandez. Took one too many hits to that. And then killed. At least at least it. Who were reportedly. Going to out him I checked that he was actually quit the second one. At least one who was reportedly going to ask him as a gay man's arrest suspected. Killing two others. A pass. I'm going to say something that's going to absolutely. Shocked Q and drive me crazy at same time and I think. We are going to start seeing. Some type of defense in these athletes mounted. When they behaved badly. About their city. And the fact that we have not seen it already stuns me we're going to start seeing the next time a football player or boxer. Murders his wife. We're going to see. Some type of defense started. Surroundings CTE. The problem is can't prove it until you're dead. And I think what we're gonna see is this is why he behaves that way they're gonna parade in a ton of experts that talk about the aggression. Which we know is real Scott. I don't think that's cockamamie science we know the aggression Israel. Travis. Well but before that why did it take so long though for Javon Belcher for that to come out but is he obviously at CT. But why wasn't that blamed right after they're blaming it on Aaron Hernandez is it true that his family did not want to donate his brain. To science I need to look at up. After joke on Belcher. Killed his girlfriend and then himself. There was something with him and that brain in the family and I don't remember what I there're two things I did they didn't wanna donated. Or they did not want the results released after they studied it. I think it's going to be a defense and I think's got in some cases it is a more viable horrible it is a viable defense. If you can somehow. Connect those dots that these athletes are so far gone. That part of their brain is literally dead. And apart that lights up aggression. And impulse issues. Explodes. I think it's a viable defense. I'm Bob Costas by the way in the past week or so has had full bowl will die in my generation. A lot of big stadiums that are on the cement to furlough. It's soccer. Bob cost of that to injury rates are any less severe and soccer sky Balt com. Bob Kostis. Says that full bowl will die I believe if I'm quoting him correctly with him this generation. Because of all of these problems and parents not letting their kids play at sirens. 5767798. To the news really care marks. And judgment handed down in a lawsuit over gender discrimination in wages have more coming up. He has some of the seven almost all of us and knock on -- happens to anonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in the car accident. Remember the name deals collision repair in blue springs they are with out of doubt. The best in the business I've been up to many times steele's personal friend watched as crews work that the best. And remember this there's only one Dale's collision repair and was plenty of body shops call themselves deals there's only one deals and sports. Their work is guaranteed as long as you're on your Kart track. Get it fixed right the first time. 1622818558162281855. All minded details auto collision. Dot com. Daniels and was ranks taking care of cars taking care of you. 331 in Kansas City McCain MB easy newsroom I'm Kara marks are the company that used to own pizza studio restaurant in Bonner springs has been ordered to give to teenagers back pay and make policy changes. So that all new applicants are offered the same wages. Equal opt in play an opportunity commission sued when a seventeen year old boy I was offered a higher starting wage than a girl with the same experience. The ballistic missile recently launched by yemen's Shiite rebels toward the capital city of Saudi Arabia was made by Iran and that's from lieutenant general and Jeffrey hair again. The general who oversees the Air Force's Central Command in Qatar clearly. From me. Was also ballistic missile attacks. That there have been angry markings on business. That assessment backs up allegations made by the saudis no immediate reaction from Tehran. We'll check traffic and weather together next. KM BZ traffic and weather together here is Jay Edwards. Quick shot of precipitation in the forecast has remaining to the start of the weekend. Keep it dry for the rest of today and an eerie chillier high low forties. Mostly cloudy as the night goes on that little ride around 35. Areas of drizzle and light rain in the forecast on Saturday for veterans day the high upper forties. Light rain and drizzle and so the early parts of Saturday night's clearing out Sunday at a highland fifties sunny mid to upper fifties on Monday. I'm staff meteorologist shot a prettier or more key NBC weather. It's 36 ran out KC 939 downtown 39 your official weather station. Bring me. Watch this say about the pizza place. Yeah story and a German is certain about a year ago meaning tears got. It's called justice wouldn't tell us more where was that an old Charlie. And now the pizza place tester you paint and pick whom kids both wrong. For back pain that they are both fired for talking about the riches. Which is a reasonable reason to fire somebody for. Carter about the wages but it was as they were to argument there wages that they were an equal correct. This were. Now it's like law and freedom wins like jesus' George skews complete a lot lately and freedom winds. Docs or did they get paid more they had no prior experience I want to do or never had a job she wanted or never had a job. He gets paid more than girl gets paid less bound and a story that is not fair and I am proud of the EEOC. Puke. And McGee Ibaka. An interest in your. On this story I've ever met the best that. Listen Claire McCaskill. This is the wrong. Anger to put your panel. This is. If this is you. Poster child for equal pay in America. Up someplace and bothers you guessed it whereas majors get a job. Yes it is and what gets a quarter. Than the other. Socket finding examples of funny because it's so hard to prove in cases Scott. If you're engineers and engineering you can say well. Eye out for this war. In junior reasoning and she doesn't use this as well as an engineer being all engineering and so that's why make war. This is the first example were side by side. They have zero. Experience they are walking in as equals and he's still got eight bar and I don't know. He knew the owner of the store or if he had some sort of always try to make up some scenario that doesn't exist why where in this universe it's somehow okay to pay him more. Because he has that shall long and she doesn't why you always pretend. That for what reason everybody on this planet negotiates the same way as everybody else and everybody gets the same thing that everybody else gets. Doesn't middle and I want opinions. This is that's where quarter. I am so happy for her. For him is rated Dick. Yes because what does that teaching our young boys that just as your boy you're worth more than she is doesn't have open arms and olympians. Strap us. This is to us it's not your urges matches you lost. You are the little looser in this case and freedom and equality. Are the winners. Before you get to show boating too much. Before you go trying to show this went down my road. I would remind you that earlier this week you were proven wrong on racist graffiti payment on a car in Manhattan. I did not sit here after you approve it dramatically wrong and I was proven incredibly right. I did not sit here ago. In this case alive I'm the winner and you are about. No I didn't think I was the winner says that equality. Winds today you'd take that scenario. You're little twenty seasons the easel like two point hopefully it would let's. Multiply that 25 cents time every woman in America at times every job in America but it's a whole 25 cents and now you're talking. This scene next. Piece of equality that I believe translates to roughly 77 cents on the dollar McCann argue that another time and do you believe it. Much bigger than 25 cents. This is just one of the cases where they can I do believe that women are paid in if we're gonna look at that apples and apples. I do believe that women are paid 77 cents on the dollar what is left out of the Calgary. Is that women. Here's the problem. A like a lot of problems all I've got a lot too so just simmer down there OK Gloria Allred. Here's the problem would this whole scenario. Number one. Studies have shut this is my weakest part of the art. I'm gonna start with the weakest. And then moved to my strongest. Basically I'm going to move. Women it has been shown in studies. Negotiate. Less. Than. They are not as good at negotiating a salary as man and that's a fact that is a study. That is I think a lot of you on the left like to say. Science. That's science. Studies have shown that women do not negotiate nearly as well or as fiercely as men for a higher salary. It's just a fact. Number two. What they always leave out. Is that oftentimes women will take time off by time off I mean years. When they started saying. And they leave the workforce it's a 29303132. And then rejoin the workforce at say 373839. They've already lost 456. Years. Of competitiveness. It. Take. A surgeon. Next to the same surgeon and the only difference. Is one as a man and one is a woman. Take out your arguments about while she left to rear children most surgeons I know that I'm on that argument so if you just look. At the male doing the same job verses the female doing the same job they are equally school equally trained and equally. Eligible for this position. The man will still make more better argument works in your favorite on the aggregate. If you wanna say somehow that overall if you look at every single job. You know like teaching where women. Tend to make less money in those types of professions that they gravitate toward and men do not I could entertain the argument that you're making there. But I am talking about case after case and it does exist where no one's taken off time to have a baby. The CPA. C suite executive. Working right next to the other CPAC suite executive what is a man and one is a woman and he is making more than her. Eve that is the case that is something Dana needs to be remedy. But here's the full with this 77 cents on the dollar argument and I I absolutely. Deplore. This argument about 77 cents on the dollar and here's why. They don't do. Dana right talk show host Scott parks talk show it's OK I don't know you making quite frankly you don't know what I make. All right I would imagine because I have more responsibility. I might make a little bit more than you but I don't know. But here's the deal. The 77 cents on the dollar argument is flawed and here is why. They don't compare eight today. They compare 82. 82 G. Yes women are going to make less horror. Job. Compared to men because women tend to this is not a sexist comment. Women tend to. Gravitate. To what are traditionally. In our society like it or not lower paying jobs is pizza maker. Did not exist and if those things are describing. They walked in off the street with zero life or work experience. And he was offered more money let me ask you don't think that plays out. In offices across the country every single day you are blind here's the thing. This. Here's the deal we know win. Pizza employee man was hired and pizza employee woman was higher okay. Let's say Pete so whatever place and Bonner springs and whatever album name it is okay. Let's say that they were down three employs three import just throwing this out as a hypothetical. Let's they were down three employees. And I have to listeners. And they really needed something back they need somebody there to make pizza guy. Incomes this kid the guy. And he says. I'd like to play for the apparently your smoke things here there's an oh my god yes yes to start the night. Off you nine dollars an hour. He's as well I was actually over for nine dollars and 25 cents a fine fine I dollars and 25 cents we need somebody here tonight. Flippant eats canned trying to come up with a scenario. Where your story makes sense. It's not happen. You know it's not what happened. Yes how do you know because I'm a woman and China. I've 767798. Jean Timbaland hang on. It's all in just a moment let's go to Jonathan we're add some French. Hey guys this is Jonathon weir for operation Thanksgiving sobering 25 years. Would tell lamb I'm up at these some fresh marketing Kansas City, Kansas where we are trying to collect 2000 turkeys across the Kansas City area. For needy families. Low income families so that they can enjoy a good Thanksgiving. Meal you can. 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Our second installment of our favorite new game show. Without a doubt but dumbest game show we've ever come up with a stiff back jock. They're. Well. Before to debacles. I have to service. I'm almost happy that my mom. Doesn't listen to the show is not here in town today she's in Wichita. I'm 46 year old my. College educated. I showed to work him. Jim where. And I play games called sniff that shot with my co host and yes my mother must be horribly ashamed. Of what I've become. What is your Sunday for loading Margaret. Oh he hosts a radio show and they play games like sniff that jock. Is when to prop. I think sometimes she secrecy which tells you when he's on vacation panel urged. Like locally she can't hide from it and I think what she's out like she meets tomorrow on an airplane. Your kids tell me about your kids are all open. What ended drones don't Googlers she's a liar successful regular ride a liar you kept him as a private lower she's so prime time. Tim in Kansas City hello Tim. Carrier are doing quite well thank you. So can click things. First thing is yes there are both threatened both wrong. Oh. They and my question view it is do you think. Actor it's man what are your position they would be paid. More. To him it's their favorite their favorite in this jobs specifically. You're out pathetic. Probably not the front. Node near identical Jessica. I understand what you're trying to say you almost have to pick another profession because broadcast works team I think. I'll I think it's much different. It's going to come down to in this type of field. Where you're from how long you've been on the hair. To recognize ability what you bring to the station it's gonna come out advertising is gonna come down your agent it's all kinds of right thing that. I'm mark pointed it if you count higher at hunter all you hire an agent. And you can't argue the fact that it's up to whatever the Asian negotiate now you're up to. I also feel like and it there are very successful female agents by the way as well. Mine happens to be a man and the agent I had an 85 in television was a man as well. And I hired him so that I don't have to go in that room and to that part of the. The other point. Is. It it actually also known that sort of people. Are paid more. And get more opportunities and unattractive people. In some. Jobs yes it'll job all up yeah. So I don't hear ugly to operate in my heart. Right but your if you are alas attract a surgeon you may not get the board or you may not get on these right. Durbin studies that find that attractive people are hired. At a higher rate and given a higher salary then what are perceived to be unattractive people that's just a fact. And so there are more attractive females they get paid less. Or get paid more than had less attractive. So in turn you guys are both correct and both strong. But enough that. Eight power woman would make more money than a man hit with the ugly step yes. Yes. Out. Look at look at any movie industry. Look at any person. And in front of people. Look at stockbrokers and look at politicians. Nobody there have been studies attractive women. Easily get a foot in the door before anybody else. From the text line two boys and a girl in 1996. All graduated from the same high school all at the same experience. All started the same day we were all offered 32000 dollars a year. The day before I was set to start I got a phone call telling me he organ after a teacher pay to 30000. I accepted because I had a party turned down by other offer I checked with the other two boys they never got a call to reduce their day. Outward using it 21 year old story yes just OK because supply I decade after decade after decade that you're talking. Dollars. Travis did you know that in 1955. Why people could not drink from the same water column as the lights. It must be the same today. Yes I think from the sink. Did you know that it would you go to the theater you have to sit in the balcony. As were the best seats are so yeah. To the newsroom we get back sniff that jock here as Caremark. Happening now on KM BZ shootings rocked the metro on both sides of state lines stable of more next. Right battery the first time that's what you'll get and always get with wholesale batteries 605 Kansas avenue KCK big battery medium sized battery. Blue battery there warehouse is so big and filled with so many batteries. There's no way you're not gonna find the battery need and it also about. It matters for some date like your RV all the way to to teensy tied to batteries for your hearing aid they also do. Back up systems batteries. The kind that you got to Holland on track yes whole cell batteries as those also battery 605 Kansas avenue KCK. And pound his crew great group of guys. Whole cell batteries the right battery the first time. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.