Was it WHAT he said? Or *HOW* he said it?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, November 9th

A radio talk host is in hot water after making fun of a baseball player who died this week in a plane crash..... 


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy in the upper forties this afternoon like that plenty of sunshine and crystal clear conditions tonight. Fellow falling to about twenty years ago. Mostly sunny on Friday the high only in the low forties. Considerable cloudiness in the forecast for Saturday on veterans day we do get a chance for a little rain or drizzle by the afternoon time at her high temperature into the upper forties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC weather. Now we're looking adds. 47 degrees TCI it's 48 bell 48 or special weather station. There's billions to. Kevin Spacey thank spoon or not. I have a right front at all. By Christopher Plummer I hung so and his movie all the money in the world was just come out next month that's Ridley Scott routed by the way in which means. They have decided that they are going to completely replace him with Christopher Plummer. It's just the movies Donna yeah movies in post production they are now re shooting all of those off. They were going to insert Christopher Plummer into the movie critic Kevin Spacey. Didn't even exist you like just see her. I don't see what it would here's the funny thing this very well it's funny. Well of course I mean do you eat 150. Million dollars or whatever cause maker Ridley Scott movie which are always high production. Where do you spend another 1015 million dollars go back in recent musings. They work you know with the Academy Awards the Oscars we're chemical. They. Start shopping you are out there there there are campaigns it's almost like running for office. And they do campaigns. To get people. An Oscar for certain movies because if you can get an Oscar for it doesn't call all the money in the world where so political. Yes all my money in the world and it even if the movie under performs. Okay. You can get a couple Oscar nominations or even are now. Theirs and monetary value attached to that. People go out and they'll buy the movie that rent the movie on TV and dance she watches all the gas rounds every year. Well she's she's part of I think you know he can't have me voting members shorts to vote on the when I say it would like to thank you can't American you know. On. I'm part of a fair. So anyway if you can give an Oscar. Com people go back in the right well but I miss all the money in the world and they'll go rent the movie on their TP or go by the movie or whatever. And so it's a coaching change. If you can give an Oscar but it. By the ways speaking out did anybody watch the CMAs last night and a rod can you give me anything from it now I guess Taylor Swift once not but what there. Al Arab songwriting. There there is hope. Okay I I watched the show last night. And I put on FaceBook this morning and I have no idea is can eat like a hundred comments. I just wrote country music is dead that's all. Of them the on face was where did they sang hootie and blowfish song. Well you know who hate who he is now and experienced record rank Abbott still is a beauty and the blowfish on now and it's and then what are anyway. Album of the year. God I was clenching my tease. It was like damn and Shea or some gay stuff for whatever I don't know what that is. Why do you side. Just used the word Cheney. Since 1982. Look. Which by the way reminds me money for nothing came on the radio's morning and I had to explain to my daughter widely removed. After. Why they removed a certain segment of that song. They just look at you when you start. Going on these random diatribes about music means I just go like a walking history lesson I think yeah column. I surmise the song's gonna be a little shorter than it should be because they removed an entire Burris is piling up. And let me tell you about the word. I said that word was okay back in the eighties but now it's. And she's on complete Regis work. But it does seem as from last night Chris Stapleton won album of the year thank god. So there is hope for country music Chris Stapleton got album of the year. Men. They had all the other people. Trust and our 30 yeah. He won artist of the year. Op. Mean his Garth Brooks look a lot like grizzly Adams bolts. I'm looking Rolling Stone dot com Garth Brooks admits to lips and who does that mean. That means he didn't single words that were coming out of his mouth every Twitter. Was saying last night it looked like he Milli Vanilli. Do you said my voice just isn't going. My voice just isn't going anywhere and we wanted to represent countrymen is there's ways we can. Where in the middle of twelve shows in ten days not to just twelve days twelve says in ten days. We did a game time call on whether to sing the track shortly saint. And decided to let saint opt the voice just isn't there anymore and you want to represent country music as best you can. All I don't think you can add. Now. Hey. So let. That's the CD you can hear no. I'm actually playing this well. It's yeah. He'd lip sync to last at least he didn't even denying it. Can. Whose immediate sister that did that on Saturday night and I think that line. Jessica's Simpson's sister mentally Diana hull. Ashlee Simpson. This and that she blamed her hands so it can't song. To go home double stuffed I had forgot about. He lips OK I know until I see how bad it looks as it looks like he's got all this feeling in his soul when he's singing. Can't have feeling in your sold or sick. Even close like. Guy. And he's the he's a really into it surely I hear that Amazon com. There. There. Country is dead but I have never. Watched the C amaze and I wouldn't about to start last night. Never literally never have one time watch that show I watch very. Yeah. As toasters. And I'll run. For an inning and mom. Yeah. And now my. Plus playing okay. Sort he won album of the year that's the only thing that even remotely rod I know you're degrees Imus. That's the only thing that keeps my flame even though and I am very happy. That is a fantastic now did you bought it last year from my birthday hole. I'm afraid I'm I'm I'm afraid if I keep it in the CB clarity Mormon aren't. Wikipedia Chris stable send studied engineering and Vanderbilt. I'm a song for me is because of other. That. But you know why they don't win you know why they're not really super popular like these other idiots and they're not good looking. I guess. Number all stars. They don't look like damaged. To match so what things I asked my husband last night Kara. We knew we were talking about a story that broke overnight and and I actually said to him. I think we would be fired if we did that but I'm not sure. And Chris said to me of the story just showed me via Wi before Chris said to me I want you to listen to it. And then tell me what you think. We're gonna talk about coming up there are few things that I think would just categorically. Mean the end of the road for you and I immediately Scott if you things we know where the line is gonna go dropped an F bombs you know. It is horrible things. Like like some shock jocks have sent over the years. A Boston. Radio host said something overnight. And people are calling for his head on a platter was at what he said. Or the way he said it. That hasn't been so much trouble we talk about yesterday bass and 1217. Writes Chris Stapleton Sox. I don't watch your Satan. Help people get irked. 1270. It's not a threatening people are talking. People. Point to separate bitch it was a few George line and go to the back room. We just please. Not. Dave right you're for Christian Brothers auto let me tell you what winter is upon us Manny can feel it outside right. Now is the perfect time to get a tuneup if you are overdue for a tuneup. 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Over 100 dollars to the web to find the location nearest you that's Christian Brothers automotive dot com. Christian Brothers automotive dot com I go to the generally that they have convenient locations all over town go to Christian Brothers automotive dot com. Yeah. It's. And it. And the. Yeah. I. And cost. Not. In. Those limbs to back. It's. I. Understand. Wounded women album of the year last. If that happens in case so to see him go on stage except. Colitis. Story here from the guardian UK. The deaths of eight time all star Roy holiday. In a plane crash at the age of just forty. Led to an outpouring of support increased. Many of his former teammates and opponents describe the pitcher not just has great player also is a great friend. But that didn't stop radio host Michael Felger. Mocking Howland. On Boston's 98 point five the sports look on Wednesday. TMZ video where we're looking this up and getting this loaded into the system. Problem this apartment. Cummins the government showed held his plane apparently performing risky maneuvers before the crash. Something that older latched onto quoting here from Felger on news. Radio program. He's not militarily trained pilot he's not a professionally trained pilot he's a joke cues citizen. I as the plane that folds up and put it in your garage and mats amphibious ultra. All the luck I just landed on the water everybody I got to tweak it you're dead with two kids moron. So are also joked about the death. Test pilot died while flying the same model plane is holidays earlier this year there have been three deaths in this exact same model of mine. And August say among other things that holiday. Dot he deserved. That the five. Words. Are going to land him in hot water. Got what he dessert. But. I think on the surprise you with what I'm about to seniors. Don't agree with them don't don't trigger them when I first heard the story I thought he should be fired immediately she fired immediately. And crown should be fired resident last night have you listened. To the audio. Because these comments were made. After. Photographs appeared showing this picture. Hot dogging in this plane. Witnesses are saying he was going way tie. Ended no diving down toward the water skimming across the water then going way pie. Kind of like going into a free fall dive bomb in trying to pull out Edmonton and then right before he died he could pull out. And even on the tape they were saying he's been doing now when he quotes that I think at all my guy. It just skim the water than that the water you can hear the witnesses saying. This plane's been due openness. So Chris said to me listen. To what they're saying instead of Reading it. And tell me if you disagree now do I think what they're saying is insensitive. Yes. But I cannot. Disagree. As a bet he got what he notes or else I cannot disagree. That as a father to. And a husband he was taking. A rig GQ let's avoidable. It's stupid. Don't mean chasing. Risk so if I go down the lack slope at Lake Tahoe. Which I did it in 2008. When I was a husband at the time and I had two kids. I went down the whatever the double black diamond was late tomorrow. Nobody else wanna go up all the people we whipped up ranking. But I like to ski and I like to push it to the edge a little bit forms. I I would have to wait wait top on the steepest well. And I try to get everybody to go with no and I saw about myself. I ski down the adult lifetime. Whatever it's called. If I had run into a tree a lie sunny whatever his name was Bono Bono. Do I deserve what I get. But I'm tempting fate I'm going down. Double what time it doesn't make use of brightest bulb in the drawer here's what I'm an anti. Travis says the audience that it is he crossed the line when he said he got what he deserved I would never say that and I would never sinks that. But I'm the first person when I read a book like into thin air. All these idiots who go up on the mountain without a serpent and then they die and the first person to say. Why any why would you do that of course of debt. That's the dumbest thing anyone can and that they're like well. I. Sit beside me I empathize. And my heart breaks for that family. But I it would be. It if I was this man's wife lives but what if you go on. Bungee jump. Stupid but not as stupid as what he did. In. About the like your family. Or. Your little joy ride is that important to you. That to rest just dying your forty years old and a multimillionaire without a loving family. And two you'll. You have to go get that thing where you can dive bomb from a hundred feet to five above the water which are single engine plane with your hand out the window. Look at AJ are taught as a maverick. Yeah now look at that as is local. You dodged black. And it's over. You're not what you're just dad was that's why he's had to fly to your dad was a commercial pilot what I was a private they corporate pilot is what they say. So I don't I don't mean to you as a commercial pilot but whatever maybe that's the same thing I don't know whose father was a pilot. So he's got it in his blood a little bit but. He's not he's got a militarily trained pilot he's not a professionally plane try he is a Joseph Q citizen. Who buys a plane that folds up. And you can put in your garage. And that's been pretty you live on the water. Everybody and it. Splat you're dead with two kids moron. Splat your probably sets fire splat are dead moron. Over the line. But I agree with everything else he says it's got. It that is the most avoidable. Britain's. Youkilis. Way to dying go I just. And I would I say the same thing to the people end up dying on Everest. I really do that I doesn't without any cellphone and not enough water and goes hiking into the Grand Canyon. And gets Lawson and sadly dies sometimes in life as work live. Living life to me does not mean. Getting into an airplane that folds in half that you park in your rise and simple like at tinker toy. And try to see how close to the water you can get before you edit fives at some of the things that is just. A ridiculous. Hooker levels are unnecessary. Risk okay. I 76779. A I am I have an example of wanna bring your attention we give back. I've 76779. Rates in the newsroom McCarron marks the Missouri attorney general wants to get all rape kits processed now more coming up. Cape May possible hardware your headquarters for all things outdoors this fall. All wonderful goods nuts and bolts and right now if great deals on lawn and leaf bags we shoots leave scoops and so much more. Doubles is also a great source for all of your fire which means they have premiums season split up firewood straight from the Ozarks. Only 999 at note or 17999. Or how. And each you know every possible location has servicing experts and the isles right out of it on storm window repair 20% off labor costs. Most important remember this Saturday November 11 is veterans today. Nuts and bolts is having Amber's special event to honor our veterans and first responders. Both Friday tomorrow and Saturday they are offering 10% off from military and first responders are also donating. A portion of Saturdays proceeds to folds of honor. An organization that serves the Sam was fallen and disabled service members. Visit chopped nuts and bolts dot com for all the deals and a location nearest you and remember nuts and bolts near York. Hometown hardware store. Your 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are the Missouri attorney general's office is launching an investigation into the backlog of on processed rape kits. It's not clear how many rape kits haven't been processed but one lab tech told the court last summer that there were more than 900 in the highway patrol's crime lab. National statistics indicate that one in six women will face an attempted or completed sexual assault in their lifetime. Several women have accused Alabama Republican senate candidate rob Roy Moore. Of initiating sexual contact with them as teenagers according to the Washington Post. One of the women says it happened to her when she was just fourteen years old and more was 320 senator Joseph Manchin of West Virginia was asked for his reaction to the report very very disturbing. It would've read and I'll have more to say about it I'm sure after or learn more some sand leaders say of the allegations are true more should step aside check traffic and weathered together next. Keating dry and erratic chilly weather in the forecast here is your living up to the rest of the week we do ever fronts that continues to make progress you are area that winds turning around for the north and northwest. For a high today only into the upper forties are gonna settled down to the low twenties for tonight. Abundant sunshine for tomorrow struggling with those temperatures may be hitting the low forties. An assistant zipping our way for Saturday and a little light rain or drizzle in the forecast by the afternoon. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC weather. It's 46 right now I Casey and I 49 downtown 48 and your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. You can read we. And. Balls today. So we have this we'll talk about abstinence. I don't forget by the way stay at that jock comes your way tomorrow at 4 o'clock it got to a sorority you know. Cared so excited and we practice cannot yea you want just. A quick tease of one of them. I'm just gonna give you. Just a second like him and the county and I. Realist and I want out now. I mean it isn't. Now. On the witness and we talk. Some notes and for a martyr. Than I do not ride on the outskirts will be. Please don't like very identifiable as a bird. Scott you're right sometimes life is worth living but it's hard to live life when you are debt. Same reason I would nosedive in a plane. Is the same reason I pulled over to send this text in Latin. It would be exciting. To drive. The 160. Miles an hour that my car says it will go I'm sure some people that would be super exciting thing detail. Wouldn't it. A lot of people stop picking at the phantom err on your chant of oh my god it's not fair. It drives me nuts out. It stopped. I can't focus on you know I mean. It's going to take care of space. On your face. A lot of people join the police department. Because they're chasing a thrill. I think more people than not join the police department because of a calling to public sermon asking us what and NASCAR driver do great get what they deserve Dale Earnhardt. OK these same. Radio. Personality. Accused of saying these awful things about this baseball player Roy it. Also said and I wanna get it right so so bear with me here when they asked him. Have you said things about other you know offensive things about other athletes the answer is yes and one of them Scott was. Dale Earnhardt he said something to the effect I I don't feel bad form. He said when he watches NASCAR he roots for the wall. Once. When he watches. NASCAR. He roots for the wall. Think about it. And you've said before Scott that people watch boxing. To see it I get hit the thank you watch aren't the fights hockey for the fight you watch football and enlarged heart for the wreck you don't hope somebody dies. And and he is also quoted as saying. I'm trying to find yours would get the exact quote that if he dies in a similarly stupid manner. That you are welcome to make fun of him chip. He should be assure him so I I will tell you he should have set a different way. Here we go in case you're wondering if tiger holds other athletes to the same standard the answer is yes quote. Was it Dale Earnhardt died the race car driver who died I root for the wall I really do that ain't no tragedy I'm supposed to feel bad for you give me a break. And in this quote if I die helicopter skiing you have the right to do the exact same thing I'm doing to Roy holiday. Now here's the quote I think it's gonna get him in trouble these five words he got what he is her he did not argue it is I don't like the we're deserved I think it is the probable outcome. When you're doing something as stupid as dive bombing. In an airplane that you basically assembled from an I keel box into the ocean. I'm not to seek out what you deserve I don't believe that. So the blue angels pilot train high he thought. He had. A pilot's license. I've seen as plain as I have seen the plane it looks like a Smart Car with wings it was an experimental aircraft. It. Two words. Experimental. Aircraft. So if I go hang gliding. Are you going experimental hang gliding what I experimental bungee jumping. There's a reason. The those activities. Nullify. Your life insurance. Do you think do you take no risks in life would tell you if you went skiing would you go down the bunny slope. I'm not a huge fan of skiing. If that's why said Michael Kennedy if you win skiing stopped. Cooking night at the green slopes and then I'm grumpy and I don't like being hole or paid to be called the so in debt as triple bottom of the well if you would ski properly by the end of the day you're you're probably scheme with out on because you get so warm. You would never go down a blacks long. Now now. So if you take any chances in life. I'm saying he's not taking a chance of like taking a chance to witness getting down one mean when you don't know whether or not your girlfriend's going to say yes. That's taking a chance at life. Leaving a career and jumping to something stupid like oh I don't know. Radio that's taking a chance in life. Putting an experimental plane like eight Smart Car. Should get 300 miles an hour. Chance in ice. You just equity in your career at jumping over to I don't know. All right EL. At a I pulled that a calculated. Risk. On the ask Scott and life is to leave the raw and signed with the angels. It's not getting my dad Ryan. Sky certain things that you just don't get to do anymore because it's not about you like. You. I'm bombing and cultural expert toward the ocean didn't do that anymore once you have to. Boys can I've bungee jump. I'm not a fans gonna do a roller coaster and I don't ride a motorcycle. You have to ground. Way rod you will live as an invalid. And you still. Technically. Be ready Terri shy broad. Still leads. Air I will tell you can still Roma can still looking to slash someone five years ago want to meet again in demand cycle riding. You remember Helen Aston. One week. It was one week. I didn't even get on the buy and when it came time to get on the I can just feel it felt like ago. That was jail from deals I lucked out but I'm like I'm not it's not worth the risk we just say. It was not worth the risk younger males feel worse and it. I remember that police officer who was during her training is that like with everything else yet to calculate the risk for you what is an acceptable risk free. It wasn't that I was worried about me and might driving habits I am worried about the idiot. On their phone next to me it's not that is not a well rested and whenever I got on the motors never got on him. Ha he has to change gears with your feet on those things looked you can go. I. Even write. Anymore. I kind of by so if you. My path. Now. You were on fire. So if you didn't ride a bicycle. Moderate bicycle on him by. Would you Wear a moment. We need. Our Q so you were knee pads if you rode a bicycle as I'd rather walk and see someone come and ask me and I can jump out of the way. But if you were on a bike pedal. Like risk I am not in births. To risk. As of it was a new data can take Q and hotter when. Think they dropped out of the sky like. You'd know it on your weight down to you the last thing every single person has ever died when those things thinks. This is. Yeah your gas. And Oprah why. Takes like six seconds for you to die when that happens thank you Nan so we what's Notre Dame and how to drive a manual transmission car. Actually tonight I learned artistic if that's the sick and that is. Hot air balloon they've ballooned test every year I'd like let me tell you what's more likely okay let me tell you one. Knee free basing through the Grand Canyon without any parachute that's more likely than me getting up and otter Atlantic. It's quite tricky they say opt what do you just like six days. It's smoking cocaine and and then. You jump and he's jumping. Oh. Re basing while you're based European. Producers. Are. Our. New my worst risk I don't know the difference between you those youth and free base cocaine. You base jump off a mountain. Or the risks are about the same. I'm not doing I'm not hasn't appeared broke. It. A great shape and an unbelievably fair price it's would you give him always did with Harry's dichotomy no means which almost three years ago. Since then just because in the because they have a great product. Three million American men made the switch as well to Harry stark company has just commanding two ordinary guys. Who were fed up with getting charged in arm in light recently started Ares. To fix shaving forever Perry's stripped out the unnecessary features and the unnecessary cost and what they've done is their customers one perfect razor. At an amazing price. 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I think about base for each of it whatever. What tell me what knack for feeling it is that is the one with the people who are dead there might be vigilant in the cars I. Yes narcolepsy is already falsely randomly like. Help your not doing listening to the show a future free basing apparently has something to do with drugs base jumping is when you jump with editors. Oh. Rod in your pursuit I want you just focus on the topic at hand which is whether or not married father of two. Should because screening toward the water is what I was gonna ask rot in an spare. It'll ultralight airplane. Rod you and I are the same we were born within months of each other in 1971. Correct. You have a child correct I have. Couple kids. Should you IE not engaged in any thing that remotely constitutes. Risky behavior. Out of respect. And out of a sense of responsibility. For the families that we help support. I don't know I I kind of understand. It but at the same time. Mean right and see who's right and her breaks and that's I'm seeing just fine from the lightest one of the things. This is a bucket list item for me I will I don't care if I get diagnosed with stage four lung cancer tomorrow. I will jump out of an or else seen test. On that at some point in my life. An ominous new not to jumping. It's been hitting the ground I understand the jumping always goes great and and and it always makes me comic question myself when I hear about stories of people you know going on a precursor jumping thing and for whatever reason the parachute doesn't open in my god. And that kind of freaks me out a little bit. I want to parachute. Like I I do understand the you know your responsibilities to your children your family and all this but at the same time. Certain things. You can't just sit at your house and not doing anything agree you you. You re right let's be honest. This guy was taking a ridiculously unnecessary risk what he did was still it was do it was astle stupid. And I was his wife would kill him twice and that match junkies. Right and I understand and especially you know if you were asked Lee yeah you had a let's get the crowd cheering Brian. Regulation in a more or four years since you walked into a Major League Baseball stadium never ready chanting your name. And it it you know drive and fastest. Dude doing these things as foreign there's a reason you know that that it exists because it is a good time there's a reason I took mom's Mercedes over the crazy bump in leavenworth. Let me give you an altruistic example. If you had the opportunity to go over to Syria. And help setup clean water systems for Syrian children. Would you do it or don't do that Detroit. And they apparently there's that there's ample where my heart would want me to do something like that. But in the back of my head here my mom's saying it. You're not going to take that risk because you have four children here in here you can go over there at your emblem off regardless it is about and and people's fun. Yes. Not like you know like adrenaline excitement fun. The big difference. I think you're confusing putting your life at risk. With adrenaline. There's no question he was doing what he was in for adrenaline corps. The hot dogging they called it the witnesses are saying he was hot dogging the. It's. Can you get adrenaline other ways you don't get adrenaline going to Syria and feed a piece of bread to a kit. People do you for it's like the eight hugs today then go to Syria and go get your your for a guy that's on adrenaline that's. It's a happy feeling it's happy warming well maybe for him and we talked about does it today I think men naturally crave. That dope would mean rush. I am pretty happy just being in her. Like and I think men crave more than women. The terrible mean rusty you get from things like. Competing. You know all kinds of things can give you is that rushed for some people it's job. You don't I would of the throw myself out of window you ever seen a happy person jogging it was like they wanna kill someone. As Michael MacKey says the only time I've run is the summit is chasing me with a machete preferably around caps ice to remove the store to. He's really run. And. Cold soccer it's a I'm going to make a run is not the same thing his round pick. Our parents why today Carol earth ever had a beard that ran the crystal. She. Goes forever yeah cards that are averaging now I'm KM BZ and local leaders gather to combat the OP Lloyd epidemic we'll have more next. What are your home air filter actually due world's last time by the way you'd changed. Your home or filters post changes four times a year. The average homeowner changes there is once maybe twice a year. 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On their home page that's filter easy. Dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.