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Thursday, November 9th

Potluck.  That means Dana can't remember what this hour was about.... Enjoy!


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KMB easy. I. Rundown on the CMA is last night yes Tim McGraw and hill were fantastic about corporate. It. You hate them because they're so blockading. I mean they come on stage in their balls just I mean he's he's got away a buck sixty way it. And she comes out this red dress right latest take him out I mean. Stop looking so good. I gotta agree with them. Mean when you're a really bad haircut like. McCain's. McCain was your crappy Erica and I wish I heard your better cut. I'm and he comes out looking like a million box of this tuxedo and cowboy act like god I wish I weighed what you way. Horrible human beings can call either very happy together. That's the name of the song thank you. To its own actions are actually. Wrought iron not to McGraw fans. Let me tell you this rod and I agree on 26. That live like you're dying it's a great song. And that humbling kind of me as a humbling have you seen the video from song humbling compound because that's just guaranteed to make me cry or. Are you on a stool nah not Alec and why is now okay. If you saw the video for humbling time by Tim McGraw. Yeah Niagara. Remote. So these two idiots come out on stage last. Look and all fantastic and happy and dance like why you're worth 200 million dollars a piece. While you've got your right leg sticking out your red dress. Hand to ship financially usually dress on the via. And I'm not even gave him Tim McGraw I think about it. I'm a kitten. They came out onstage last night miles and I was a vote Keller talking on the phone. Which is like to see that likes to economic no no no notice that it all looking at him and tuxedo and now and it's cowboy act. And even Tim McGraw I'm like tanks on you still. He's really skinny I now look at picture right now green is not a good color on news. And to same tumor growth atlas. Can you keep having to say because I feel like after practice you really. Care. And then Taylor Swift wanna country music award what's longest went for. It wasn't hers now it was little big counts. So she wrote a song yeah. That sounds yes and she wasn't there because she's rehearsing for Saturday nightlife or maybe it's because she's not country anymore doesn't wanna get booed off the State's true that's true. Lawmaker raising. Parent. Roy Moore apparently likes to touch little women allegedly. Fourteen year old girls here ideal she's gonna come out. And say more about her encounter when she was fourteen and then we're gonna see three or four more women come Fords and a sixteen cents. Men like this. And like Harvey Weinstein. And now we know like Kevin Spacey. She could not be the only one he's done and what's going with Lucy carry. Apparently decided he was going to. Pleasure himself in front of our whole group of unsuspecting and and they relied neo and neo we don't. Sky looked at me during the break carriage eakins. Any idea Erica I did and I said you know what I don't know that it's any better or worse now than it was. With respect to the numbers of people who are doing these awful things but I ate the victims are there there's comfort in numbers yes and I think. There's comfort in knowing OK we can talk about this I don't have to live in the shadows that this happened to me you don't like. Hairy. It's now known. Dreyfus Richard Dreyfuss is sun said. I used to joke about what happened to me with Kevin Spacey it was a joke because I felt like that was the only way. I can talk about it was to be like it at that time and space but. And he said now I know it's not a joke it's not funny and I was violated and I've struggled with talking about it my whole life and lo and behold I want to like how many. Young and are coming ports and this happened. I I I don't think it's worse. Than it's ever end. But I think people are feeling. A new power to come forward and other store I was reading this article in the talking about how women especially at older generations felt like he couldn't talk about it but more whales are not standing for it like if you do return colony album are more likely to come well. Well you save a carrot that that's funny you say that. They were taking it and now they're not all of a sudden. Everybody's coming forward and saying wait a minute. This is not okay this is not right. It all started if everybody remembers what this hash tag meet two from Ashley Judd for it. That's worked all started. With and welcome it was another woman who started it was Ashley Judd picked up that wasn't it was. Can I think her name was Malone Alyssa a wanna listen maligned right. But it hurt act judge came out about why about Weinstein analysts analysts started. And something like you know what's funny is last night my. Wife took my nine year old son. She had to go see your play of a colleague. And they're doing. Oh. Yeah they're doing in the legally blonde. I guess there's a musical legally blonde. Sauls basket Roman about it at home. And one of the first things he said is I don't understand why she didn't sue him for sexual harassment. 01 a day after nine years old. And that was the thing that bothers him about the play is that the guy grabbed the girl casters you wanna be fisted. Why she should've she shouldn't sued him for sexual harassment. Wow what do you miss can watch it won't. CNN. No no I assume we get to from listening in the space in the very little that he gets the most news they. Don't let him listen. I'm not with them tablets is with them and she doesn't let us. I'm here when my kids teachers here they said. Any stop. Sometimes it. Got hot hot hot I. While would be a probe for which I don't know I have no idea who may be the new game it's. We're doing Smith that jock tomorrow for. If you want applied or if you wanted to their adoptive kids in the car I don't know if that's a bit but they don't go big. If they don't let athletes out like. Which I don't and neither does care which is why it's funny word they just wanna sniff that job. Yes. And I thought it was funny to just. And proper. I one exception I say at risk as we listed under with that power to lows in. It was a what if I south which Nigerian. And I do take exception to their notion. That it 75%. Bats from him I'm okay middle school math okay. I give EU. 7% of the times got missing something inappropriate and ridiculous instant sent for me yes it always yo. It's always me yes polls here. The putts on these and what we start calling it a do all so it be. The man who is talking about in Italy there but I feel idols commitment line broke. And I'm now. Lady I don't know what you thinks I'm not there at eight and well. There's no hole there's no hole to. Put that thing. There's no hole one at a time to be shot on five and get off from. Oh. Because Siemens did to me that wasn't to eat and that was shot a minute take fluffy bunny and I only foreigner but the thing. Pretty economic tonight. Oh my goodness I stared at that thing. It's so exciting. I'm a big fan of the not log I can suck on enough. Laudable. They are done all I wanted to do was put plugging thing in all not even close. 7%. And in all counties. What she was I was gone. Drip on your face you just went off. I think that just went about. You're right. I am the reason they show was classified at 4435. South as 75%. Middle school bathroom. Your face. You're right it's all me. On me. Your face. What's funny is the listeners remember that text in and say. This is what you were talking about and I never remember except the bowling ball my thumb is better. But the listener. Amber standing in front and just letting it last on my dates. Gentlemen. He wants to know if you've gotten your hugs today artful no. Yes yes yes I've gotten all of the hugs I need today. We forgot one we forgot horse porosity and students off. Did you did you overnight. Stevenson goal is now accused. Of inappropriate behavior. Liz with. Sexually assaulted because your lesbian. And I and number America's standing in front of that and just letting it blast on my face. Let me tell you about those broad linen sheets. My moms get them for Christmas hopes is not listening because that's what she's get an actor is said to us our self guided there has said. I really would like to go by another set because that's how much I loved them they are luxurious without the luxurious price. Brooklyn dot com has an exclusive offer just for listeners of date in parks. Get twenty dollars off and free shipping when you use a promo code KM BZ at Brooklyn women dot com in fact Brooklyn. 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Homeland Security investigators found that more than 70%. Of the time. Undercover officers were able to get through TSA checkpoints with knives. Guns. And explosives. Read that again. Please undercover officers. From Homeland Security. 70%. Of the time. Were able to get through TSA checkpoint with knives. Guns and explosives. Two years ago testing from the 95%. Of the time. 95%. Two years ago so I saw. Well they're improving. In went from 95% of the time to set and he. My aimed at taking my issues off. I don't mind going through the theater. But you'd like to think on the other side there's some. Denis Phipps 70% of the time day and they're able to get through with a knife. Out garden. An explosive. Ole. I don't wanna know I guess we don't want to talk about that but. You know I mean. Kind of makes you feel comfortable when you get on to play well it just it's so pointless. It's it's pointless how is it here's what I don't understand. How is it that they can detective I still have my belt to right. But they can't tell I haven't gone. My god has twenty times more medal. Then my belt. But you can't tell if I haven't gone. But you can tell if I have my belt on a right keys in my pocket. The only way you can truly stops this is by forcing everyone to go through the metal detector instead of the pat down. And he can't do that everybody has all go through a metal detector of some capacity but listen you cannot force every one are you confusing the metal detector with Dole's. Yes. That's what I'm saying you cannot force ever want to do who boomed because business travelers and pilots who travels it every day. There is an increased. Radiation. Risk so you can't tell people you have to go through the best thing that we have. Because pilots who fly every single day with start growing third testicles. The pilots union won't allow. And if you're a passenger. I don't think they can force you to go through an extra note that they have to give the option of the metal detector or though. Now I go through the of digital and I donated twice only way to stop it is to make everyone go through that roomful things out of the body scans yes yes yes yes yes. We just like saying full form that I thought was going. And fives and six sevenths and a producer of oh by the way. Don't do the story right now. Don't you dare we have breaking Star Wars news. Harry. Barracks there might. At 5 o'clock. Breaking Star Wars news at 5 o'clock. To the newsroom McCarron marks an arrest has been made in a stabbing in the west bottoms will have more next. Did you write your production take in the center for nutrition Hanley wood and a 130 fit around a dear friend who is down almost fifteen pounds. In a couple of weeks go on to see doctor Tate yet medically managed weight loss to finally said I'm sick and tired. Of being sick and tired and she went and for that free. Consultation. Yes it is free to see what it was all about to see what doctor take to do for her now she's often run and I have no doubt shall be dumped when he bounced by Christmas. Give doctor taken called medically managed weight loss if you are Yo-Yo Dieter if you are tired of banging your head against a wall. Tried medically managed weight loss would doctor take your gonna love his fantastic staff. 9138148222. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com. You tell Dane ascension. 430 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our Kansas city police saying just moments ago that a suspect has now been arrested in connection to a stabbing last night two people were found in front of the Phillips 66 on west twelfth street. A woman was dead a man in critical condition police had been looking for a middle aged man dressed in all black who got away on foot apparently it's dang they found him. Republicans are hoping to pass their tax bill in less than two months and ABCs on his act is following an all from the gap. All Republican lawmakers are feeling optimistic about their chances to pass tax reform without any democratic support. Alan the house Ways and Means Committee passed the Republican tax cuts and jobs act on a strict party line vote. It now heads to the house floor where the taxpayer may be voted on as early as next week. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who has it all you know the holidays are fast approaching. Word gifts for everybody on your list with just one click of the mouse go to Omaha steaks stock column we order from Omaha steaks all the time its own. Let me tell you about Omaha steaks and how for only 4999. You get the family gift pack. When you go to Omaha steaks dot com and enter the code word parts in the search bar it's a savings of 75%. 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The morning temperature could be close to record nineteen sit back in the year 2000 just so you know wind chills will be down obviously at least in the teens pretty cold stuff. Partly to mostly sunny skies on Friday high temperature 41 degrees even milder on Saturday but more clouds and a chance of snow showers rolling through on veterans day in the afternoon. High temperature right at fifty degrees. 52 degrees on Sunday 54 coming in on Monday. We'll finally hit sixty that's not until next Tuesday from channel lineup for solar chief meteorologist Brian Bosnian KM BZ whether. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KMB ZKMBZ. Dot com. I'm 57677. By the way go. Ever wanted or maybe even those of you who haven't. Verified accounts on Twitter. And I know you do I did I do I stop it. It did not take long for Twitter to seemingly noticed the backlash over its decision to verify the Twitter account. And Jason Kessler. Who organized the white nationalist unite the right rally in Charlottesville virgin. Hello little windows and you don't know you can submit a request for Berkett verification Twitter make sure that. You know if you like he is a verified races horrible human beings it. But Twitter also notes of her I'd badge does not imply any endorsement. Or. Still there was strong uproar over Kessler vacation with many wondering why Twitter decided to give the white supremacist blue match. Specially after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey twit last month of these social media site would quote take more aggressive as soon. In enforcing rules against unwanted sexual advances non consensual nudity. Hate symbols violent groups and tweets that glorifies. Violence as the problem how many people on Twitter. Tens of millions. So let's say it's. A hundred million people. How in Sam hill are days of toasts to go through. All of those accounts and figure out who's verified wells that would house to verify. Fine now but. Do you think there's actually some guy sitting at a desk topple entrance OK he's not a racist but he is there's no there's no way. Some awful human beings are going to fall through the cracks they just are. Story here about the vote regarding Casey I knew Casey that has been approved and construction will start. In one year with some of this. As Election Day Lou cautiously optimistic. Was the monitored chanted by advocates for transformed Casey. They expect to win but they sent it would close. In fact campaign insiders were sitting on evidence that a blowout was ruined. Ten days before voters approved a single terminal proposal by a stunning 31 margin. Strategist had a new poll in hand. Showing the airport question was ahead 61 between them and said Mark Evans I was shocked. He is the Philadelphia consultant who led the case CIA effort. Told blues star on Tuesday after the results were him but Evans also knew that the political landscape was strewn. With the wreckage of campaigns yet decided prematurely may have sealed the deal. Fearing that complacency would set in Evans kept the data closely held continue to publicly insist that he expected a close race. Quoting here from depths I still thought there was a possibility I was wrong. In 2016 I was pretty sure Hillary Clinton was gonna be elected president it turns out now Evans was wrong again just not the way he expected. Political professionals business leaders community act the community activist. Will likely be discussing the case CI election for years for solve the remarkable spike and support polling last year this is true about. Polling last year had support at 38%. For a new T nice guy right that we talked about that we're asking the wrong people transcends the question of day here today on a new passenger terminal. This was a statement election. Said former city councilman John Sharp to get this kind of margin shows people feel good. About the direction of this so. Here's the deal I think it's funny but I don't think there's anything wrong with that because of viewers sitting on information that you were up seven history. Okay. Telling your opponent who's pulling it 30%. That there appalling at 30%. And will only make that work harder to get out the vote to balance that now. Am potentially depressed yours. Correct it they think it's in the bag. Pay. The new Casey I had 70% support. Went up from 38 a year ago to 70% now. I was gonna take time out of my busy day but. Kessel just sit this one. I don't need me I. Daley say the same thing during a presidential election and you know why her. They don't want and it was really evident back in the Dan rather days where they were sitting there saying. Polls are showing exists. It infuriates. The people. Our would be. West Coast. Who have yet to votes. Whose say stop telling people it's over. Even though in some cases it is because it suppresses the boat there if you are living. And at times I'll bring the very last person to vote and you look up and you see that your candidate is losing by eight. Forty points are you're really gonna goes standard that line. Now. That's why we only devoted to saying well I'll and I'll tell you what I. They need to do away with its own thing. Everybody votes at the same time everybody finds out at the same time what's done. Com. Europe where that Hawaii yes it would be problematic for the Arum on Alaska's very problematic. There. Me Alaska's one power behind the west goes yeah. Why is two hours and how many delegates today again. All hole. I see. Me so if you we have three electoral votes. Manner. We need to them. It. Every single one of them last and most Americans stood. Already out so what do we do win. The west co owner checked that the East Coast. Is that let's say 12 o'clock OK. But Hawaii. Is five hours behind them. Problem so voting in Hawaii and 2 o'clock in the afternoon it's a problem during very closely contested. Presidential races you know I'm right I'm. I did I don't. So voting in Hawaii begins at 2 in the morning. Get out and elderly people and ends at 2 o'clock in the afternoon yes sorry we're on the East Coast starts at 7 AM. Ends at 7 PM some end in Missouri and Kansas it would start at 6 AM and end at 6 PMI. Lanka. If you're in Colorado. 5 AM to 5 PM yes West Coast 4 AM to 4 PM. And then Hawaii 2 AM to two Pia out getting volunteers to get an utterly going to be to be only those old people not like to get. We've year old Lorena or 2 am. And. That is the dumbest ideas you've ever. You're kidding. I wanna talk to you about the number one. Looks like in dealer and all of Kansas City bolts wagon of Lee's summit Jeanne what's Black Friday a month long. At Volkswagen Lee's summit get up to 101000 dollars off all remaining twenty seventeens. A 2101000 dollars off plus you don't have to stand at some long Black Friday line at Volkswagen Lee's summit. They are handing out HDTV. 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Like Overland Park where your house this year. And even on a great estates size a lot your neighbor's houses. Forty yards away. This is an estates. On multiple acres next to an estate. On multiple acres so. He didn't just walk over. McCain body and that your newspaper today. Here's your trash can attempt over to please stop buying and wise he had to leave if he left on foot and height it. Law. All the way up that street through the trees. Andover I mean it would have taken. Mass premeditation. Not not just your next to me with your leaf blower in its bugging me because it's make a noise so I shut due to the ground. This is massive premeditation. Just based on the distance between those. Property Rand Paul's attorney today said after the neighbor pleaded not guilty. Said any idea or any suggestion that they've had a long standing dispute. Is incorrect Roni yes. A round yes because they have not spoken according to Rand Paul's attorney in years. Well why that is because of longstanding dispute right. He says there is no longstanding dispute I ever ran it was over property line it was over leaves blowing into the yard which now I don't believe. Because the properties are so far apart. You know. I don't see leaves blowing that far in that quantity from one yard to the next. So it is not black eagle on welfare is possible. That this is some leftist lunatic. Guess who just doesn't like the way Rand Paul votes OK maybe and decided to take matters into his own hands. And go tackle this neighbor said is that fourth degree assault that's way down there. Or talked and suspended sentence a fine to misdemeanor he's not going to jail time and god. Don't course. But what is this dispute. I was reading over the weekend I don't remember what website was. That this guy is a socialist maniac. You can disagree with someone politically it doesn't mean you're going to shove them down break five reds and collapse while you're right anti file. I don't know if you're right white Nationalists. They're both positions Scott and not that physicians are always help ease them he's an SE zero school. Do you know. How Smart and how precise you have to I cannot believe you just said if you're anesthesiology you were not resist all. Crashing everywhere. A position. To top. Position. Anybody. Okay do you wanna see. Put on her by some guys who studied in Guam and came last in his class. No because guess what happens in anesthesiology. When you don't know what you're doing you know people support the surgery ever happens. Your crease you know you're crazy you're crazy crazy seismologists are pierce got like. Care primary care and I love every primary care act listening is here NSC. Is year. Like heart surgeons. Yeah. Well. I think I. Just don't addition op Propofol I don't I what do you say that you do you can just sense. A physician as a person qualified to practice medicine yeah that's an anesthesiologist. It's higher look it up. Well look up the ranking outweigh what is it harder could be sitting on your list of him. Well we are. Neurosurgeon. Is appear. Anesthesiologist. And home right here hey yeah this. How hard is to be in and illness the easy it's. Colombia. And your core two you know. The malpractice involved and that. You don't wanna be one of those people when they're cutting you open in the making fun of you. That your released secretly awake in trapped in your own personal hell and you can feel them cutting and do you I don't know I. I'm not making fun of anesthesiologists. What I am saying is that I don't put them on the same level as a neurosurgeon. You'd have lost your mind. You sit there and yup just squeezed I. Right now. Kara just just don't listen to what he's saying because he's you know what he's he is he needs to be medicated. Where you want and just your menu just squeeze it might what it. The hierarchy. Of medicine let's say the top ten most difficult disciples of medicine. Neurosurgery. At heart surgery being at the very top shore where do you play it. The anesthesiologists. Right up there jail. He's a bully to do is do you do these squeezing out like us. Well you have to anybody I don't they kill you you're geared to afford to search for you again I. You are being ridiculous. You know might get a lot of stupid things that come out this one's mouth but that is right up there the anesthesiologist who is doing my spinal block from the C section yes heads early. She was telling us all sorts of stories about when they were back in school and like take kinds of things that they retreated dale would be anesthesiology drugs alcohol and it was whole areas like they were trained to come up with a cure for hangovers. It didn't work but it was funny you and I see each other a Q if you could taste metal yes. Is the Wii this question and it just kind of been a panicked voice can you just kind of went on Mike Bell. I did it do I I. I'm asking someone I know don't say any names if I'm wrong Kelly not. I'm just asking someone and I know if I'm wrong she's at her you coughing Propofol right now because like I think the U Lar. I know you don't have to have surgery in this town anytime soon. Which is sacked. I am waiting and I've got the dots. It takes twelve years of schooling for an anesthesiologist. To be certified for college for med school and where I'm not gonna go into the great detail of her response. But I'm not. And so it's okay. Watch real stories are out. Because. That is scary you do one thing is those people are one under. DeLia Angela writes it that fun let me ask you bike and reader response on the data is right anesthesiologist. Rank in the top 5% of all doctors. I wasn't being route. And they make about 800000 dollars yeah albums are positive. Well but not all doctors make 800000 dollars a year I have a relative who's a pediatrician. Candidate a hundred. I. It's. Just us. Which you're going to search each time. So I know you need of surgery right after the diameter of about them now and it sort of doctor brown and my apology exam. Embassies jokes like. She's. Nobody I think yeah McNabb. She says the anesthesiologist. Is above primary care but under a surgeon. That's what we just said go way up there way there. In fact when my daughter had some little spots into government she said it's not apples and oranges Dana it's different. Okay. I I remember before she went in for that procedure I didn't wanna meet the surgeon I wanted to meet the anesthesiologist he came out and I was already crying his eyes it. Please tell you to study in toaster recap here's. As next semi endorsement rectal exam. Which is assay colonoscopy. Here's what the embassies yields guns. Get ready to Cuba moves. I'm like who the checks and Scott I can't stand Dana she's right. To the newsroom and wow one anonymous personal attacks saying they are trying to relate. To the news term. 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