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Wednesday, November 8th

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It is a little four year on a Wednesday big gay yesterday in Kansas City big day in KCK big day in Johnson wyandotte county. Because it was Election Day and I got to tell you I got out of the movie theater. And immediately when I got home. I just turned on the local news and it was just like I love election night the zone by the excitement election night. I had been tied up until about 830 years so last night and had been kind of out of commission for wildly from where. Good thing because then by the time I looked at what are we getting final results and stay out just kind of the anticipation altered the dank. We got messed it these single terminal plan winds and Casey now have voted 7525%. Which is astounding. But or other surprises that we wanna talk about not just on the keys to my ballot but elsewhere around and are we bringing the Kansas City star's Dave Helling. Is Dave was probably a bad day and a lot of sleep last night did you. Actually it was over a little quicker than we thought of X. A lot of thought to be airport that would go into the wee hours but it was over early agreement the north plant boat started coming in and it was 21 in favor of the new terminal it was pretty clear that was going to pass overwhelmingly so I got some sleep more than I anticipated target. You know it's funny because when we went to a January to a meeting town hall meeting in the north land it seemed as if the impression was it was 9010. Against the airport why do you think the north plan slip so much in favor of or at least maybe not flip but showed up better for the new single terminal. Well let's say it will will spend some time trying to figure that out my cup might get his. Part of part of the reason for the vote north of the rivers heavy labor concentration a lot of labor union guys construction guys. Who were looking forward to draw with the new terminal loan might have turned out to vote yes on our ID think that there is some. In quite a plaque counted there is some sort of pro proprietary. Feeling about the airport that it sort of belongs. To the north blame him for that reason their may have been more support. A good campaign. And and you know I think this is true both the look at south of the river. It's not clear to me why a lot of people would vote no other than some sentimental attachment to the airport. You eat you brought up my guess there's a lot of people pulled out of bed yesterday intensity instead well. I don't really fly it doesn't really mean that much to me I'm not attached to the airport therefore won't go to the polls. Whereas the people who who wanted to change. We're very energetic about their support it had some reason to go so I think all of that mixed in together explains the margin that we saw mr. Did you took a voter turnout on 2% pleasantly surprised me and how that might have affected the outcome. Yeah I guess I was. But I am on most of destructive be completely wrong because I think a lot of people on a low turnout would actually help. But the supporters of the terminal again because they're more motivated in the noble sport reporter percent turnout is very healthy. In an off year election in which nothing else was on the ballot. It does show that the people of Kansas City I think we're paying close attention to the arguments over the airport. Certainly we've made that we talked about a lot in the newspaper capture on social and other places. And so what do you think there was just more energy than we anticipated. For a new term a lot they're battle break. You know I'd I think there was great general consensus in the closing days that it would pass. But there isn't a person in Kansas City he thought it would pass through the war on extra dot remarks. Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star joining us here on 981 K eight MBZ. When you spoke with you know members when Jermaine reed quit Lucas sly James Jolie just as members of the council who were on the pro side do you think there was a point where they thought. What were in trouble. Well I do think I don't think they ever thought they were necessarily in trouble on the referendum here that took place yesterday Mike spot. And we wrote a lot about this and they'll tell you if you talked to them that there was concerned when the process. Became so chaotic in June and July and August. As the committee sorted through the different proposals and birds are back sort of birds of Adobe engineering firms sort of you know blue launched its own campaign and then there were two other bidders and I do think people worried then that voters would be so disgusted. With the city all the method of advancing this idea that they would vote no. But that that seems to have to win gold for a couple of reasons first because a lot of people focused on process perhaps as much as. Reporters or in and it'll people close to that. To this decision making. But I think is. On I do think that people wanted to make a decision on the merits and want X war infrastructure was Specter is the developer. The whole idea of a back room deal or some sort of subterfuge. Oh really was taken off the table you couldn't as an opponent announced that it borders is the steel stakes as the mayor coated in a darkroom or whatever. And so that bad sort of fizzled as an opponent talking points at that point again it was little energy and on the other side. Did clip can you give the city a grade for how it handled the information flow. We gotta talk questions even yesterday we were we were getting questions and I thought wow do you formations out there but pretty think the city did and making sure people were educated. Well I think I gave Obama good solid B you know maybe a B minus I mean I think we tried pretty hard at not just asserted that ruined the campaign game medium that. It's truly their responsibility and certainly we wrote a lot about it again in the TV stations to what they did. You know what we live in an environment now is we've. Backers. Circulated here. All the time. And so misinformation is much more possible. You know distractions confusion isn't much more likely on political issues such as the reality of it in the people. They'll necessarily go first to the Kansas City Star. Or take him be seniority one source for information anymore until some amount of confusion. Is to be expected particularly about. It a lot of people don't use the airport and it just never ago so they're not paying a lot of attention to the discussions sort. You gotta give the city in the campaign a little bit of a pass for all the confusion. Having said that had it period mailboxes or anything like why people were asking some pretty basic questions. Right up to Election Day which it is always surprised. People arrested Jolie just as pretty basic questions half an hour ago but the thing the. Yeah the reports say a whole lot of thought can't go out and caddy bowed to war world you know what what what what role like taxes play in this one. You don't just sit. Yeah and and so a year it's a little exasperating could you feel like you've answered those questions could you won't appoint people did you read this to just see this. But we were just in that environment now like I think that's true of most. Of most issue related campaigns people. They don't focus until the very end it there are so many different places to get their promotions a project could be missed like. Cover a few other things with the Dave Helling coming up on the other side including the big upset in Kansas City as they've got a new mayor coming their way it's May Day with Jamie wicket. It's 1118 and 91 KM BZ more wins the Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star. If you missed any of the first half this interview it's going to be at a KM BZ dot com shortly. And Dave we spent a lot of time talking about Casey silence talk about KCK. How surprised were you with the upset that was pulled for the mayor of Kansas City campus. Surprise not shocked and Mike because largely because. Mark all of the incumbent lost last night actually struggle a little bit in the primary. Earlier this year and that was really an indication that Holland for all his popularity had made some pretty important Vietnamese. In Kansas City, Kansas and want to account via the fire union is upset with them police officers are worried. You know practice continued to be years sort of perennial problem in wyandotte county intensity chances and then David Albert was the opponent. It was not unknown in the in the county come from a well known family and he was he's been on the border public utilities so we have some experience. And that's kind of a classic recipe for a foreign insurgents. Campaign against the incumbent where he's sort of stay below the radar for a time in the pop up at the end with. Interest groups argue about what happened with David all the it was not close the mean I think a lot of people you know wasn't a hundred votes it was a pretty. Substantial import of five point 45 point market in the end that's a prettier assists significant this statement I think by one acceptable. So did always fascinated when one group sees to have a lot of influence on election can you get into on the conflict that mark Holland had with the firefighters and firefighters union and how that might have affected the outcome here. Well immediate immediate Worrell worked for some part to reduce cost in the fire union you know we're familiar with that a little bit on the Kansas City, Missouri side. Firefighters unions are are can't be very very. Important. Interest groups in the community. In part because firefighters. Typically are very united on issues of concern to them. On the that they know that because the pressure on the fire service from political officials is usually pretty lie. Because the costs are so hard it's about a lot of people would you have to spend a lot of money consultant firefighters have always understood they need to be united in the air. In there. Efforts to influence politicians. And they were not happy with mark caller hole and had gone in and try to change more rules which were always a concern he was worried about salaries. And compensation. And he you know that angered them and and through their connections. What about the labor organizations which shall remain important to wyandotte county to traditionally democratic county. It made a difference and that you had that the BP U which is pretty well known political. Force. In in order duck county in Kansas City, Kansas the police officers who were concerned about the mayor. Again it was just a recipe for sort of a late in its search for these from the opposite. Was the argument that mark pollen that mayor Holler was going to. Shut down some fire stations and some departments was that a little premature because I think Everett in the Kansas City Star that. He was re taking time to look at some of the analysis to look at what some of the the surveys had said. I mean did the fire department of the player union jump to quick. Well. You know that's a really good decision. For them to make it away I mean he did to the reality Mikey is. Again with the fire service. It is typically true that a political context that I don't mean that in a bad way but just the reality of it is. It's you're dealt with them your gift or at least that's how the fire service offered season. And again that's just not limited to Kansas City, Kansas far it's it's it's. Pretty much true across the country because the park service has such a tradition of united political effort. And so it any thing that marked columns that that was taken by the fire you in. As as they try to draw for war schools or anything else. Was going to beat me negatively and they have muscle and they were willing to flexes through. Not only their own efforts but other allies in the county and in the city. And it may have been that mark caller recognize that too late or bought that. His approach wooed to be balanced out by a Kansas City into wanted to save money in. Like the idea of radian public employees' salaries and it just didn't happen you know and very telling me yesterday he said. You know our problem was we did more pollen count speaking that we just didn't get our voters. To the polls and it's really turn out battle and in that situation. Organized labor in counties like on electronic instrument to different and I think it. Dave I wanna move on and talk about couple City Council races including the one at the only ones that we really talked about your which as the war stories and Overland Park between G number. And Terry good men offered us a message he was the incumbent who would never had a challenger and she accused eminently doubts I even and social media a multitude of tax that he had sent her trying to convince her quit. How likely what she won the race she's a political newcomer how likely was she to of one before all that. And how did that influence the outcome. Well I think it's clear that if you want because of that story and those stories in the social. Media discussion of Perry Goodman's what I think we would all agree would be certainly. Inappropriate efforts to force her out of the race. All of you know cities like over the par whichever existed for decades as a sort of go along to get along. Community politically. It is showing signs of strain I mean they've got. You know that like a lot of suburban communities they've got problems and Beijing housing stock and streets and curbs and bridges need repair. And attacks space that maybe changing. And and so the idea that you could somehow. Get the good old boys in a room and this is how you do that you have to advance up the ranks. Is just not gonna work anymore and I don't think very good all that coming didn't know what hit him I think he's still frustrated. That he thinks what he did was appropriate that and frankly the people little or parks there's no it wasn't appropriate and I think it's clear that you want. Because of that story. Actually her campaign was slow to live on October. Did and they'll surprise you may Mike's here pot one that the the Missouri senate rate race over Hillary shields. I bet she wishes she could change your first name for this campaign. I get that the mayor ray and it. Let it the other that's a pretty Republican district up there are so what was the bit of an uphill battle the only thing that surprised me really is that. And that is true across the country as well as in the campus and misery region around here. I don't think it's a dangerous time to be an incumbent I think mark caller truth that bullet. The charter school board. Races really up and did that. That approach to education and in Johnson County get that those races so no one ever paid attention to. And now people sort of saying we needed to a new way of looking at things and if you look down. Pollutes certainly not at all incumbents got beat. But they all got a bit of a scare I didn't think that people are frustrated with their government you guys. And and every time they have an opportunity. They make that discomfort known now how do we square that with the airport actual. The airport during with the overwhelming endorsement. Of trust in city hall and so that. You know maybe take a different lesson from but I didn't take. You know president trump good or ill has changed the way people approach their decision making. And for that reason incumbents should be nervous I would not wanna be Kevin noted this more. Yes you know we just saw examples. Of suburban. Voters upset about Donald Trump coming out and voting and so I think he still favored by. He's certainly going to be looking it is. Is that approach going forward and I just think that's the lesson that we are less side and that Africa to its surprise. Dave finally we love elections we love election nights you meet Jamie well we all kind of you know jealously stuff. What's what's next when it will we be going back to the polls. While there will be a huge vote next papal. In Kansas City, Missouri on renewing an existing sales tax for capital improvement. And that'll be a big election and you'll hear a lot of talk. About that. By the way Kansas City has approved in the last year almost two billion dollars in new spending for the year ordered. And basic infrastructure that's that's what a lot of money. As you might imagine. So that vote will be acoustic and then next year of course it was in campus will have a governor's race a primary in August general in. November of course November then will be eighteen. Will be the midyear elections every member of congress will be opt Claire McCaskill who'll be running against. He Republican mystery. They do draw trolley probably talk trawling and so you know pure will you know your your part seeing commercials. On TV's scream heard your mailbox you get a few months to rest of them were active. Is there another street cart vote to happen before then. Gather I think there are some street course stuff happening but that's limited to district court district were not citywide at this point. And we'll wanna pay attention to that but the ones that will draw the most interest I think will. The the April vote on on the sales tax and then. Whatever else pops up between now and the mid term next year. We were always been beautiful you know the American democratic system this ballclub for a report. Well you're never a dull day Dave we appreciate your time. Remark. Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star he is on Twitter at. And we appreciate him coming on because I I'd I would agree with I think it was Scotland said this. Last week that they are to be guys smarter than Dave Helling the cover stuff in this area. And just has been a part of the community for so long yet there's a lot of history there at that even in up there are a couple of days is not at all.