KC Elder Law


KC Elder Law strives to help families find solutions for their legal and financial frustrations, as well as find support and services to aid them.

The practice of elder law, when done right, is about 50% legal work and 50% social work… we're here to help you find all the resources you need.

Listen to the 6-part podcast series below with KC Elder Law founder Bill Hammond: 


EPISODE ONE:     How founder chose his career path Read the blog

EPISODE TWO:     "People want to be sure that their assets go where they want them to go..." Read the blog

EPISODE THREE:     You might not be as prepared as you thought...  Read the blog

EPISODE FOUR:       Ensure you can act on behalf of your grown children if needed... Read the blog

EPISODE FIVE:       It's not just your loved one that needs care...  Read the blog

EPISODE SIX:     Elder Law is designed to preserve your resources while you’re still alive...  Read the blog