Bio-Microbics: Providing world water solutions


Bio-Microbics is a leading environmental technology manufacturer specializing in compact, easy to deploy, and sustainable water treatment solutions.

The company completes nearly 3,000 projects in 70 countries every year. As the recipient of dozens of awards for its innovative solutions it has been recognized for its achievements by governments, trade groups, media companies and regulators.

Listen to the 6-part podcast series below with Bio-Microbics president Bob Rebori.


EPISODE ONE: The Need, the Hows & the Whys of water reuse systems. Read the blog


EPISODE TWO:  Saving money, water & understanding graywater reuse in the home. Read the blog


EPISODE THREE:  Turn a home or business septic system into an advanced wastewater treatment system. Read the blog 


EPISODE FOUR:  In a world where vital resources are increasingly scarce, nations cannot afford to flush water down the drain. Read the blog


EPISODE FIVE:  Helping wineries and breweries reuse water from the wine-making and brewing process. Read the blog

EPISODE SIX:  Capturing and treating stormwater runoff is a simple, needed solution to conserve water. Read the blog