Your fixed index annuity contract is professionally managed by world-class firms

Dan Weinbaum
July 10, 2018 - 2:41 pm

When you move money into a fixed index annuity there are no fees to have your money professionally managed. Insurance carriers who offer these fixed index annuities pay professional money management companies to come in and do what they do best. Grow your money.

The payment doesn’t come from your transfer of money into a new safe account. “Not a nickel is taken out of your account to pay these money managers. The less fees the harder your money works for you. The indexes inside these fixed index annuities are professionally managed,” said Bob Lindquist, founder of Safe Retirement Strategies.

These professionally managed index funds are not available to the general public for direct investing. They are only available through the insurance carriers offering fixed index annuities. The perception that these are not growth vehicles is false. They are handled by the world’s most respected investment firms.

For example, one of the fixed index annuities that Safe Retirement Strategies offers is tied to an index managed by JP Morgan, a global leader in investment banking and financial services with a proven track record of award-winning index design.

It utilizes the same investment philosophies used by the largest institutional investors seeking positive returns in both good and bad market environments. With a strategy to potentially generate consistent returns while managing volatility, the index leverages a diversified group of asset classes including equities, fixed income and commodities to provide greater opportunities for growth than a single asset class. As the money grows, you "lock in gains and never expose them to the risk of loss.”

It also tracks momentum and each month the index selects asset classes with the highest returns to capitalize on proven and persistent performance. Finally it manages volatility. The index proactively rebalances the selected asset classes each month to provide a more stable return.

Another index available through a fixed index annuity is run by Morgan Stanley. It’s called the Global Opportunities Index. Managed exclusively for the insurance carrier, the index uses a proprietary multi-asset trend following strategy to determine allocations and track the performance of the underlying instruments in three main assets classes: equity, fixed income and futures.

The annual return of the index is based on the aggregate performance of the underlying instruments in each of these asset classes and categories. By taking a multi-asset approach, the index can diversify risk and reduce volatility by rebalancing exposure to various market risk factors within each asset class or category.

Using a trend-following strategy, the index seeks to identify and respond to investment trends in different market environments. The index objective is to increase its allocation to assets that exhibit strong upward trends and pares back investments during market downturns.

It also tries to take advantage of long and short-term price moves that play out in various markets. It’s shown positive returns in each of the past 10 calendar years. Morgan Stanley is one of the world’s largest diversified global financial services firms with offices in New York City, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other financial centers. For decades Morgan Stanley has been a leader in providing advisory services for companies, governments and institutional investors worldwide.

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