Villa St. Francis serves up chef-prepared meals 24 hours a day

Dan Weinbaum
March 13, 2019 - 5:42 pm

Most people think of senior care communities as being institutional with institutional food.

But at Villa St. Francis the dining staff works closely with each resident to personalize menus around their preferences.

Adonnys Jordan is the director of dining for Villa St. Francis. He changes up the menu every 5 weeks and includes resident input on what they would like to see on those menus.

Also, chefs are on duty 24/7 to meet residents' needs. 

“If a resident wants eggs, toast, and freshly brewed coffee at 4am, we have a chef on staff at all hours to prepare it for them,” says Jordan.

Currently, Villa St. Francis is the only long term care community in the KC Metro providing chef-cooked meals 24 hours a day. This provides residents with the option to wake up and eat when they want to, a radical departure from the rigid, limited meal schedules offered by other communities.

“We bake fresh bread and cookies from scratch. When a resident wakes up and smells the aroma, it stimulates their appetite," says Jordan.

At Villa St. Francis food is more than just sustenance. It plays an important role in the quality of care.

“It’s easy to take for granted the impact food has on everyday lives, from Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners to hot chocolate with the family,” he said during his exclusive interview with KMBZ.

Residents and families love that Villa St. Francis allows each resident to decide when and what they want to eat. They even prepare some of the residents’ recipes. “We have food committees which take into consideration the dishes that our residents used to love at home and put them on the menus," says Jordan. 


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