BIO-MICROBICS: Treating high strength wastewater at wineries and breweries

Dan Weinbaum
January 11, 2018 - 4:59 pm

A winery’s wastewater is roughly 25 times the strength compared to a household.  This industry demands robust treatment solutions that can scale to handle a high concentration of sugar content and other pollutants.

The wine harvest season brings its own unique challenges. “During crush season wineries have a lot of skins and stems so the screening apparatus ahead of the biological wastewater treatment needs to be uniquely crafted,” said Bob Robori, President and founder of Bio-Microbics.

Crush season, the industry term for the harvest, is only 2 months out of the year. The wineries that Bio-Microbics handles in the United States and around the world are reusing wastewater during crush season to wash down machinery.

Bio-Microbics designs and manufactures systems to be a smaller size during 10 months of the year when wineries only need to process wastewater from workers and visitors and then provides a much larger and more sophisticated system for 2 months out of the year during crush season.

Breweries are similar but unique.

They need high powered screening systems to process the grain and mash but “when that wastewater leaves the brewery it’s extremely hot so we can’t develop the bacterial population that treats wastewater in those hot conditions. We bring down the temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit which allows the microbes to thrive,” said Robori. 

All water treatment solutions from Bio-Microbics are scalable. It’s a modular system so if a factory expands and needs to scale up its wastewater treatment plant, Bio-Microbics can expand the existing system or provide a parallel one.

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