BIO-MICROBICS: CEO Bob Rebori calls rainwater capture and treatment "low hanging fruit"

Dan Weinbaum
January 11, 2018 - 5:21 pm

It is only within the last 10 to 15 years that serious efforts have been made to protect and preserve our limited water supply.

Rebori told KMBZ that it’s mind-boggling no one thought about it decades sooner. Oil and debris on parking lots and roadways washes into storm sewers. If it’s not filtered all those pollutants go into the streams and rivers where we get our drinking water.

In a nutshell, filtering rainwater and stormwater is a no-brainer and Bio-Microbics is a global leader in this rapidly emerging process.  “In the 90’s the Environmental Protection Agency started thinking about treating stormwater but it wasn’t until this century that people actually started doing it,” said Rebori in his interview with KMBZ's Dan Weinbaum during Kansas City Morning News.

The market has matured and progressed to the point where a critical mass of commercial, public and residential clients are regularly harvesting stormwater and rainwater for reuse. Bio-Microbics manufacturers simple, low cost and robust technology that operates with no electricity, no moving parts and almost no maintenance.

Much of the world relies on cistern tanks for storing water which are used to supply taps and water for flushing toilets. They are widely used as an underground reservoir for rainwater. The problem is, water that falls from the sky has air pollutants in it and when it hits roofs or roadways it picks up even more pollutants including hydrocarbons, dirt, trash and oil.

That’s where Bio-Microbics steps in.  

The technology solutions it manufactures capture and filter rainwater and stormwater before contaminants get into the system.  It effectively simulates what nature does so well. 



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