You'll pay more to drive the Kansas Turnpike beginning in October

Jim Cunningham
July 20, 2018 - 7:06 am

Photo by Scott Nazelrod


The Kansas Turnpike Authority Board has approved raising tolls beginning October 1.

The adjustments are needed as part of the Turnpike Authority's effort to preserve, modernize and enhance the turnpike system, according to Rachel Bell, KTA spokeswoman.

Cash paying customers will see the greatest increase.

"Cash drivers will see about a 12 and a half percent increase for passenger vehicles and 10 percent for commercial vehicles," Bell said. About 40 percent of turnpike users pay with cash.

Tolls for electronic passenger and commercial vehicles that use a K-Tag or similar device will increase about five percent.

Electronic tolls will be about 18 to 25 percent lower than cash tolls. 

K-Tag applications are available at the Turnpike Authority webpage. They can also be purchased at AAA stores in Kansas and the Merch in Lawrence.

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