Yoder and Graves undecided on GOP Obamacare replacement bill

Marc LaVoie
March 24, 2017 - 6:52 am

Two local House Republicans were wrestling with their options ahead of Friday's key vote on the GOP bill that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Kevin Yoder, from Overland Park and and Sam Graves, from Tarkio, had yet to announce Friday morning how they would vote on Paul Ryan's bill. The White House released a statement saying Obamacare will remain in place if the GOP bill fails.

The Kansas City Star reports Graves is in favor of repealing the ACA, but has expressed concern over how fast the bill was put together for a vote. Graves' office said there would be no statement on the issue until after the vote. 

Yoder is getting pressure from health care groups to vote against the replacement bill, an awkward situation, considering Yoder is on a whip committee so he could gather votes in support of the bill. Any vote for Graves and Yoder would likely come with political backlash.

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