Jack Kreiger military photo from 1943

World War II solider to be buried in Kansas 74 years after death

May 28, 2018 - 7:48 am

Jack Krieger was killed in November 1943 on the small island of Tarawa, attempting to secure the island from the Japanese. His remains were unable to be identified until this last January, thanks to DNA analysis.

His remains were exhumed from the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii, where he was buried as an unknown.

Judy Redding, a cousin of Krieger, tells KMBZ that She never had the opportunity to meet her cousin, but has grown up hearing the stories. 

"I'm just the second cousin that's been putting flowers on his grave for the last six years.  We never, ever expected to have found him."

Redding says that she received a book of Krieger's records that included letters and pictures from his time in the military, making this homecoming even more meaningful. 

Krieger is being buried with full military honors today provided by The United States Marines and the Jack Krieger VFW  in his hometown of Larned, Kansas.

"Having him home, with his mom and his dad and his baby brother. They're all out there together," she said, "It's wonderful."

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