Women who choose sexy Halloween costumes more likely to cheat, study suggests

October 16, 2017 - 5:54 am

Women who like wearing revealing Halloween costumes may be revealing more than they think. 

The Sun newspaper in the UK published findings from a study that shows 66 percent of women who wear sexy costumes said they were more likely to stray from the significant others during the Halloween period.

Women who show off in sexy costumes, predictably, tend to be more sexually charged, said Dr. Laurence Abroms, clinical psychologist. Women who wear non-sexual costumes like hobos or zombies, not so much. 

"You're less inclined to be acting out sexually, in any way or form," Abroms said of less-exhibitionist women. "It could be wearing costumes or having actual sex."

Dr. Abroms says alcohol could exacerbates the behavior. 

"That's going to reduce everybody's inhibitions," Abroms said. "If they set out to be a little daring and risque then the alcohol is going to ease that behavior."

Among the most popular women's costumes on the list are the sexy nurse, air hostess and cat woman. 

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