Woman says malicious Craigslist ad left mother and daughter destitute

Michael Ronnebaum
December 22, 2017 - 5:00 am

A local family doesn't know what to do after someone posted a Craigslist ad that led to a loss of a lot of their property.

Dana Ross has a big heart is always helping others. She works with an organization based out of Lee's Summit that assists people who are disabled. Through the organization Dana befriended her neighbor Kim, whose daughter, Samantha, has spina bifida. Samantha has been confined to a wheelchair most of her life. To make ends meet the three share a rented home in east Kansas City. 

"We know it's not supposed to happen but she kind of has no choice," Ross said. "This is what has been given to her."

Kim earns money by repairing broken furniture. There is no homeowner's association in her neighborhood, and the clutter associated with the small business started to cause tension with neighbors.

"Kim had to move -- she just couldn't afford to live there anymore," Ross said. "Samantha's health was bad enough that her mom couldn't carry a fulltime job anymore."

While Kim and Samantha were at the hospital Saturday a neighbor took photographs of the driveway full of old furniture. Ross says the neighbor posted the images on Craigslist with the caption, "Free Stuff."

When Dana, Kim and Samantha returned home they someone had cleaned them out -- even the wheelchair ramp was taken.

"They just took everything," Ross said. "It's all gone."
A police report indicates thousands of dollars worth of property was stolen. Ross reached out to a local charity and said finding a ramp for Samantha could take months. 

Detectives are looking at suspects who could have posted the ad online. Anyone with information is asked to call the Kansas City Police Department.

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