Kansas City woman sends in DNA, discovers wild story about her biological father

Jim Cunningham
November 01, 2018 - 6:41 am

A Kansas City woman's search for her ancestors revealed a startling discovery; more than a dozen siblings.

Connie Hoye, 57, submitted her DNA to ancestry.com a few years ago and quickly learned she had a half-brother. 

"After talking with him for about 45 minutes, I learned I had five half-siblings," Hoye said. "Within about six months I learned I had 15 siblings across the United States and Indonesia."

Hoye's mother married Allan Kain, whose real name was Alton William Barron. He disappeared about a month after Hoye was born. Over the next four decades, Barron, nicknamed Dub, fathered 15 children, abandoning all of them. He had eight wives, mistresses and girlfriends in nine states.

Michael Banks, who lives in Des Moines, is one of Barron's children. He was five when Barron showed up in 1957.

"He just came and lived with us for several months, and that was the first time that had met him," Banks said.

Banks was not surprised to learn there were more half-brothers and sisters.

"Definitely he was a person who got around, and it's just maybe bringing a little more to light, where he was at certain times," Banks said. "Where did he travel to next?"

The tall, smooth-talking Texan often worked construction and other jobs, dodging the women and their angry husbands. Hoye says her father ended up in Idaho in 1979.

"Around that time he had another wife, a couple of girlfriends, and in fact, his last fiance, who was in the middle of a divorce, her soon-to-be ex-husband shot my father, believing that he was being mean and cruel to her," Hoye said. "Seven times, so he had to reload, but tried to say it was self-defense."

The Barron children wonder, like so many others, what would drive a man to lead that kind of life.

"He always had to be on the move, and there were probably people that were after him for child support or whatever else," Banks said. "He just had to keep going."

Hoye is not finished searching. She believes there could be 16th sibling in this area. Hoye learned Barron met a woman and took her to Kansas City to have a baby in 1955.

"We are looking for either the woman -- we know that she will be in her 80s, probably, by now," Hoye said. "But more so our half-sibling, who may or may not be in Kansas City, but we certainly hope that a relative of hers, if not herself, can find us and we can share what we know about her father."

It is likely Barron fathered even more children, Hoye said. She and some others have set up a Facebook page and an email address so people can send them leads to other possible siblings of Alton William Barron, aka Allan Kain.

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