Wildlife officials encourage environmentally-friendly disposal of Christmas trees

Jim Cunningham
January 02, 2018 - 4:14 am

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources wants people to make sure they dispose of Christmas trees in ways that are environmentally safe.

Once the lights and ornaments are removed, trees can be recycled as mulch at a city collection site or turned into habitat for fish in a pond or lake. 

Also, 'used' Christmas trees can be placed in yards to benefit wildlife, said Amy Poos, spokeswoman with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

"Place it outside and you can cover it with kinds of yummy treats for animals," Poos said. "Cranberries, unshelled peanuts, cover it with peanut butter."

Poos says people should not burn trees that are still green in indoor fireplaces or wood stoves.

The resin and sap in evergreen trees can cause fires in the flue.

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