What if it happens here? Trauma centers prepare for the worst

Michael Ronnebaum
October 04, 2017 - 5:41 am

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Healthcare workers and administrators are studying the response to the Las Vegas massacre in an effort to improve the response to future mass casualty events.

The University of Kansas Hospital has a level 1 trauma center which means it has the resources and personnel to deal with the most serious injuries. 

"While we hope that sort of thing never happens here, we are prepared to deal with it, and could deal with it through our emergency preparedness plan and mobilization of resources that we have in place," said Dr. Justin Green, chief of trauma at KU Hospital.

The hospital conducts regular drills to prepare for an attack similar to what happened in Las Vegas. Several governmental agencies are on stand by in case the worst occurs.

"We've got FEMA, we've got Secret Service, we have local, state and federal law enforcement presence," Green said. "We have our own outstanding police force here on campus, disaster management folks from Kansas City, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri."

The University of Kansas Hospital shares resources with medical experts all over the country so they can all better understand how to treat patients during a severe crisis.

There are at least four other Level 1 trauma centers in the Kansas City area: Children's Mercy Hospital & Clinics, Research Medical Center, St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City and Truman Medical Center.

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