Voters will decide whether to fund a community center in Shawnee

Marc LaVoie
February 12, 2019 - 5:43 am

City of Shawnee


Residents of Shawnee will decide by mail-in ballot in May whether to approve a new, $38-million community center with gymnasiums and aquatic facilities.

More people in Shawnee got behind the idea of a fitness and gathering area for the town after Lenexa and Merriam opened their community centers. Officials have been discussing the center since 2005, shortly before the city bought a parcel of land at 61st and Woodland.

The proposed 67,000-square-foot facility is designed for everyone between the ages of one and 100, said Chris Kastelic of Perkins & Will Architects, who showed off some of the design features at Monday night's City Council meeting.

"It's not just for sports, it's for socialization, it's for health, wellness, enrichment, all those things you do as a great community," Kastelic said.

The plan takes into account the natural beauty of the park that surrounds it. The building is designed to integrate indoor and outdoor activities.

"It did sort of evolve into this idea that you have this building that nestles its way into the park, that you move through, in and out of," Kastelic said.

The community center would include a large fitness center, a gymnasium, an indoor artificial turf fieldhouse and 4,000 square feet of aquatic surface area.

The facility would be paid for with an increase in the mill levy. The owner of an averaged-valued home in Shawnee of $263,130 would pay an additional $7.36 per month, or $88.32 per year in property taxes.

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