Veteran police officer surrenders after long hotel standoff in KCK

Marc LaVoie
December 05, 2018 - 4:56 am

KMBC Channel 9 News


A longtime Kansas City, Missouri police officer barricaded herself and her two children in a hotel room, which led to a 28-hour standoff in Kansas City, Kansas.

The case is shining a light on the stress that law enforcement officers endure, and the effect the job has on their mental health.

The standoff, which started Monday morning at the Holiday Inn at 39th Street and Rainbow Blvd., ended peacefully. 

"Think about the most traumatic event that you've ever experienced in your entire life, and then think about doing that on a monthly basis, or sometimes a weekly basis," said Clinton Deputy Police Chief Sonny Lynch.  

The following is a portion of a news release from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department:

With regard to our department member: She is a 22-year veteran of the KCPD. She has been on an administrative assignment since May 20, 2018, with no assigned police or enforcement activities. She was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. The Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office will determine if there are any criminal aspects of this case.

"The danger is the little things that build up and can slip past people," Lynch said.

The KCKPD news release included a message wishing the officer the best in her treatment and recovery.

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