Two women in custody in the shooting death of a Kansas City teen

Marc LaVoie
February 14, 2019 - 6:23 am

Kansas City, MO - There is anger and frustration over Tuesday night's killing of a 15-year-old girl in the parking lot of the Central Academy of Excellence. 

According to police, An'janique Wright, along with her twin sister Angelique, were involved in an argument with another group of girls at a high school basketball game. Both groups were ordered to leave.

Witnesses say the shooter was laying in wait when the Wright sisters walked outside.

"She was here on property and she should have been protected," said one woman outside the school. "If (security personnel) had been out here she wouldn't have got shot. This is ridiculous."

Angelique described watching in disbelief as her sister died in the parking lot.

Kansas City Public School Superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell defended the staff at Central High, saying the school district needs the community's help in stopping violence.

"We cannot do this on our own," Bedell said. "People cannot expect the school district to solve all of the communy's problems."Bedell's voice rose with emotion on multiple occasions during a news conference Wednesday. The superintendent and his 7-year-old daughter had left the game minutes before the violence broke out.

"We have to be able to let people know that we are not going to operate in fear of being able to do the things that we need to do, and I want this community to believe that," Bedell said. "At the end of the day we have to start standing up to these types of things."

Investigators said the victim and the suspected shooter had been in an argument about a week ago. Police say the entire incident was captured on school surveillance cameras.

Kansas City Police say they took two female persons of interest into custody in connection with the homicide. The persons of interest are believed to be in their 20s.

"Two families are grieving, losing one to jail and one to the grave," said Terrion Hudson, the victim's brother.

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