Turtles are on the move in Missouri; Give 'em a brake, says MDC

KMBZ News Staff
April 10, 2019 - 5:07 pm

Getty / tridland


Kansas City, MO -  The Missouri Department of Conservation is urging drivers to watch out for turtles on MIssouri's roads this spring.

The warmer temps have turtles on the move, as they leave their cold weather burrows in search of food and a mate.

 Jill Pritchard with MDC says vehicles are one of the leading factors in the decline of box turtles. 

Pritchard says if you're able to safely help a turtle cross the road, check for traffic and move the turtle in the direction it's traveling.

Pritchard warns drivers to not make the turtle your pet. Taking a wild animal, typically ends in a slow death.

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