Turf experts say fall is the best time to repair drought damage to lawns

Jim Cunningham
September 12, 2018 - 4:38 am

Now that the Kansas City area has finally received significant rainfall, it is a good time to repair a lot of the damage the drought caused to our lawns.

The best time to get lawns looking like new again is in September, said Richard Peeper, manager at the Olathe Grass Pad.

"We want to see that the heat of the summer is broken," Peeper said. "When you look at the forecast now, you don't see 97, 98 degrees, you see a much cooler forecast."

When choosing grass seed, the homeowner should consider expectations of the lawn's performance.

"If we are looking at a yard that's going to see limited irrigation, maybe only once or twice a week, then I would say we're probably leaning towards a fescue yard," Peeper said.

Bluegrass is a good option for people with irrigation systems. Bluegrass likes to be watered three to five times a week. As for seeding, it is best to do it now. 

"Things are different every year, but your odds are in your favor to seed all the way up until probably the end of October," Peeper said.

People with thick, healthy lawns should consider regular core aeration, to help reduce soil compaction and to allow bluegrass thatch to break down. People with damaged, thin or beaten-up lawns should consider verticutting and overseeding, Peeper said.

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