Trump, Jr appears at Overland Park campaign event for Kris Kobach

Marc LaVoie
November 29, 2017 - 7:39 am

KMBC Channel 9 News


Donald Trump, Jr. was in Overland Park Tuesday night for a campaign dinner to raise money for Kris Kobach's 2018 run for Kansas governor.

About 400 supporters showed up for the partisan event at the Doubletree Hotel in the Corporate Hills neighborhood. 

Trump, Jr., who has a friendly relationship with Kobach, said his father's victory in 2016 has revitalized conservatives.

"I think he's actually given conservatives the ability to speak up again," Trump, Jr. said. "It's been a great thing and I think that's really important."

During a Q&A session one person asked Trump, Jr. why his father uses Twitter so much.

"It's so succinct, to the point, and you're playing 'monkey in the middle' with the people who are ultimately going to manipulate what you're saying anyway, so why not go right to the people?" Trump said.  

At least 50 people from a few left wing groups protested against the event outside the hotel. 

"Are we going to let Kobach use politics and racism and bigotry to take our country backwards?" asked a woman using an amplified public address system. 

The dinner raised an estimated $150-thousand for Kobach's campaign war chest.

Kobach is one of 11 Republicans who have announced candidacy for the 2018 gubernatorial race. Three high school boys are running for the GOP nomination. The race includes six Democrats, including one male high school student.

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