Transportation district projects not adequately monitored, Missouri auditor says

Bill Grady
April 13, 2017 - 7:21 am

Kansas City Streetcar Authority


Kansas City, Mo - The Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway recently reviewed 21 transportation development districts (TDD) in Jackson County, including Kansas City's Streetcar. Scores of others statewide were examined.

Galloway, painting in broad strokes, said the districts have engaged in questionable practices with little oversight. TDD's are generally set up to raise money for transportation infrastructure.  City manager Troy Schulte doesn't think they're going away. 

The Missouri Department of Revenue does not adequately monitor or track distict boundaries, leaving taxpayers on the hook without realizing it, said Galloway. 

KC city manager Troy Schulte said there is no effort to hide where the money goes. 

"That's publicly controlled. We disclose all that information through the annual budget, it's a publicly appointed board," Schulte said. "We're probably in very good compliance with our TDD's in Kansas City."

Generally, TDD's are created to raise money within a specified area for transportation infrastructure. Schulte says with fewer state and federal dollars coming to cities, they and community improvement districts will be around for a long time to come.

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