Track & Field supporters protest JCCC decision to disband team

January 16, 2018 - 5:01 am

Administrators at Johnson County Community College have plans to improve and expand, but the growth would require the removal of the school's widely-used track and the discontinuation of the 32-year-old track and field program.

There is much the school's leaders have failed to take into consideration, said Brian Batliner, former coach.

"I think that the impact of that program on the individuals who are a part of it, what they've gone on to do in their communities, has not been fully grasped by the administration of Johnson County Community College, Batliner said.

The impact of sports programs goes beyond statistics, Batliner said.

 "It brought kids that never would have set foot on the campus and they got an experience that I think is absolutely invaluable to wherever they probably at in their lives today," Batliner said.

A group of JCCC alumni have taken to social media to bring a voice to the people who are upset about the demise of track and field at the school. They have also set up a website at

The sport's supporters have also scheduled a "Walk the Track" event for March 10.

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