Thousands of Wyandotte County citizens have no photo ID, ACLU says

Dan Weinbaum
August 22, 2018 - 6:53 am

The American Civil Liberties Union is getting behind an effort to launch a new identification card program for people in Wyandotte County.

Many cities around the country have so-called municipal IDs. 

"The problem is that one in five people in tthe county don't have access to an ID, any type of ID," said Alex Martinez, with the ACLU of Kansas. 

An estimated 30,000 people in Wyandotte County have no photo identification. The numbers include senior citizens, children and people returning to the community.

ACLU activists say a municipal ID card would allow more people in the county to access services, to show proof of who they are. 

"The people who get it are folks who don't have any form of ID, or folks who had ID at some point, they just need something to identify themselves," Martinez said.

The ACLU plans to present its idea to the Unified Government Commissioners in September.

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