Thieves are ramping up coronavirus scams. Don't fall for their dirty tricks!

KMBZ News Staff
April 07, 2020 - 1:27 pm
a close up of dollar bills

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Kansas City, MO - Thieves, phishers and scammers are now using the pandemic to try to trick you out of your personal information and your money.

"What we are seeing most commonly today is the old school check fraud, one of the oldest forms of fraud," says Jeff Carson, KC region president of Enterprise Bank and Trust.  "Any check can be forged, or faked. Checks can be stolen pretty easily, they are just altering checks."

With the government stimulus checks on the way, scammers are trying to get a piece of that.  Using our own fears and trust against us.  Preying on the vulnerable. 


Carson says keep a keen eye on any email or snail mail you may get that refers to your banking information, to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those emails that tend to make you panic for a moment, or need you to take action right now.

"Check for misspellings, and especially wrong web domain addresses," Carson says. "For example, if a web address that should end in a .gov, ends in a .com or .org, or something like that, that is always something to be mindful of."

Carson says to prevent that, just keep a close eye on your checking account, to look out for any suspicious activity.

If you become a victim of fraud, your best bet is to call your bank immediately, and they should be able to help.


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