Tailgate vandalism reported during KU-OU game

Local woman reports $1500 in damage

Kara Marxer
November 21, 2017 - 5:53 pm
A deep scratch in a cars paint and a KU pop-up canopy tent is bent and mangled

Julie Anderson


Vandals apparently took aim at tailgaters in Lawrence over the weekend.

Julie Anderson son's car and a friend's truck were keyed and their chairs and canopy destroyed during the KU-OU game.  

Anderson says they were parked in a lot near Illinois and 11th street, catty-corner from the stadium. She's not sure why they were targeted because both KU and OU were represented at their tailgate.

"There was another pick-up truck parked in the same area that we were and it had been vandalized as well," she said. 

Anderson says there was about $1500 in damage.  

"I won't be back to Lawrence and I have family there. I'm just done with the whole town," she told KMBZ. 

Lawrence police are investigating.

UPDATE: Another tailgater has also come forward saying his canopy was destroyed, but he didn't file a police report.

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