Suffer from migraines? Neurologists encouraged by new drug treatment

KMBZ News Staff
July 16, 2018 - 6:33 am

Doctors are reporting a breakthough for people who suffer from chronic migraine headaches.

About 15 percent of Americans suffer from migraines, which often last for hours, or even days.

A new drug has been developed called Aimovig, that can bring a significant reduction in pain to sufferers, said Dr. Deetra Ford, neurologist at the University of Kansas Health System.

"Migraines can be really debillitating," Ford said. "People miss a lot of work, they miss activities of daily living, they miss their kids' ballgames, so to have something this breakthrough revolutionary that we can actually try to help with some of those reduction in days is wonderful."

Aimovig is administered through a once-a-month self-injection, and is meant to be used with other drugs to give patients longterm relief.

"There's no one drug that's going to take them all away, but if we can get a little bit of reduction with multiple techniques, that is going to be a way for us to help you longterm," Ford said.

The drug works by attacking a peptide in the body that is believed to effect the blood vessels and pain response. 

Dr. Ford encourages migraine sufferers to talk with their neurologists about individualized plans to determine their best options.

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