Stingrays glide into new Kansas City Zoo exhibit

Stingray Bay opens May 18th

Dan Weinbaum
May 01, 2018 - 2:55 pm

Kansas City, MO - Visitors of all ages will soon be able to get up close - and touch - some ocean wildlife at the Kansas City Zoo's new stingray exhibit.

Stingray Bay opens May 18th and will feature two types of stingrays in a 20,000-gallon touch tank, as well as a few small, harmless Whitespotted Bamboo sharks.

"A lot of people who haven't been or might not ever go to the ocean, this is a great opportunity for us to bring the ocean to them," said Sean Putney, Senior Director of Zoological Operations.

The exhibit cost around $3.5 million dollars to build and was funded by private donations and the Zoological District.

Putney said they've built a state-of-the-art water filtration system to ensure that the tank’s water stays clean and clear.

The stingrays - Southern & Cownose rays - arrived last week from a facility in the Florida Keys and are already gliding through the shallow pool.

They're "doing really well, they're starting to take food from our keeper's hands," said Putney.

He said the venomous spines on the ray's tails have been clipped to ensure no accidental stings in the touch tank.



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