'Stealth vaping' causes new worries about when and where teens vape

KMBZ News Staff
October 01, 2019 - 9:22 am

Artranq / Getty Images


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As school administrators and parents crack down, a new batch of ways to vape is emerging.

It started with students hiding in bathrooms, according to high school principal Francis Thompson.

"They would come in[to the bathroom], four or five at a time, and they'd start congregating, and start to vape," Thompson said. 

Now it's more hidden than ever, with manufacturers making e-cigarettes that look like hand tools, flash drives, toys, inhalers - and then there are the hoodies where the drawstrings are actually a tube that hooks up to the vape pen, as sold online.

Medical professionals and administrators alike say there are multiple reasons for barring vaping at school, both by posing a distraction in the classroom as well as health concerns.

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