Sly James issues welcoming statement following NAACP travel advisory

August 11, 2017 - 7:51 am

Kansas City Mayor Sly James is reacting to last week's NAACP Missouri Travel advisory by working to calm the nerves of wary travelers.

“We want to make sure the NAACP and all persons who have concerns over safety or discrimination know that Kansas City welcomes you,” James wrote in a statement.

Reverend Rodney Williams with the Kansas City Chapter of the NAACP said he agreed with the mayor's statement.

"We are open to talk with Mayor James, with all the members on the city council about improving the relationship here in Kansas City amongst all people," Williams said.

The NAACP issued the travel ban to warn people of color that their civil rights could be violated in Missouri. 

The first advisory of its kind in more than a century was issued by the Missouri NAACP State Conference and endorsed by the national organization.

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