Sheriff's deputies assist Jackson County Jail staff in contraband search

Bill Grady
January 31, 2018 - 11:05 am

Jackson County Jail


Jackson County Sheriff's Deputies and jail personnel searched for illegal drugs in four areas of the lock up Wednesday morning.

The search was initiated by jail staff who developed information that there could be contraband on the 7th floor. About 25 deputies assisted guards in the search. They also used narcotics-sniffing dogs. 

"This time we're not looking at jail employees helping get contraband in," said Sheriff Mike Sharp in a news conference. "Now we have jail employees that are telling us what they see and what they know needs to be taken care of."

KMBZ'S Bill Grady was the only reporter on the scene during the search. He described the activity as deputies finished tossing cells in one pod.

"These particular guys are called the worst of the worst," Grady reported. "One is jail for killing several old people and one is jailed for killing a baby."

Sheriff Sharp and acting corrections director Diana Turner both declined to say whether any illegal items were found. 

Jail officials say they conduct routine searches on a weekly basis. The asked for help for Wednesday's search because of the size of the operation.

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