The Shape of Fitness: KC area obstacle course gym provides a non-typical workout

KMBZ News Staff
December 17, 2018 - 6:06 am

In KMBZ's new series - The Shape of Fitness - Rebecca Crockett visited a Kansas City Metro gym that lets one navigate through an obstacle course, similar to the ones seen on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior."

Chaos Course in Belton has climbing walls, punching bags, balance beams, even aerial silks like the ones used by acrobats in some circuses. 

"We train people specifically for the show "American Ninja Warrior," and we've had people go every year and compete with us as our team, but we also do a lot more," said Elizabeth Babcock, owner and trainer. "We're a traditional martial arts gym, we have non-traditional self-defense, we have jiu-jitsu, we have stretch coaches that are crazy circus folk."

The obstacles at Chaos can be modified for use by people of different fitness levels.

"We want people to know that fitness doesn't have to be a burden, that you can literally come in, and play and have fun, and be in a really healthy environment with people that are going to support that, but also a place that you want to be," Babcock said.

At Chaos they believe that if people put in their time and money, they might as well have a good time. 

It is not unusual for customers to just hang out, socialize and play after their workouts, Babcock said.

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