Sen. Moran holds early morning town hall meeting in Lenexa

June 12, 2017 - 7:56 am

A few people shouted slogans and carried signs when U.S. Senator Jerry Moran held a town hall meeting Monday morning in Lenexa.

The event at the Lenexa Conference Center was part of the senator's Kansas Listening Tour.

Some people showed up at the meeting to defend the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans are trying to replace. One person carried a sign which read, "Do Your Job."

Moran expected to hear questions about President Donald Trump, who he described as a very divisive person, which he said was nothing new.

"Many Kansas shortly after (President Barack Obama's) re-election, when I arrived in the senate, would say, 'Why haven't you impeached President Obama?'", Moran said in an interview with KMBZ's E.J. and Ellen. "Today I have constituents who say, 'Why haven't you impeached President Trump?'" 

The issues Sen. Moran focuses on and the work he does in Washington, D.C., are largely based on the conversations he has with Kansans during these town hall meetings, said a statement from the senator's office.

Sen. Moran plans to visit all of Kansas' 105 counties for his listening tour. He began a tradition when he served Kansas' large 1st congressional district. In those days, Moran held events in all of the district's 69 counties.

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