Sen. McCaskill hosts town hall at Park University

Bill Grady
April 13, 2017 - 6:26 pm
Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill stands at the podium in the Park University chapel where she held a town hall on April 13th

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill fielded plenty of questions at a town hall meeting at Park University in Parkville on Thursday.

Her town hall meetings have been in heavily GOP districts because she says it's important to hear from those who oppose her. Some in the audience held up colored sheets of paper after each of her statements: green for agree, red for disagree.

McCaskill said Obamacare is flawed, but that it can be fixed.  She cited one study showing the Trump plan could cause prices to double in some cases.

McCaskill also addresed the ongoing opiate epidemic.  She said Americans are five percent of the world's population but consume 80 percent of it's opioids.  She's currently leading an effort to demand answers from drug makers about their marketing and business practices regarding opioids. 

This was one of 8 town halls the senator is hosting statewide during the Congressional break.

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