Riverside mayor vows to fight legislative effort to allow video gambling in retail businesses

Bill Grady
March 20, 2019 - 5:17 am

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The mayor of Riverside regardless of what you call them, she considers them slot machines, and she is not happy.

A bill that just passed a Missouri state senate committee would allow retailers with liquor licenses, like restaurants and bars, to install video lottery terminals. 

Mayor Kathy Rose has already been to Jefferson City to fight the measure. She told KMBZ the measure would result in job cuts at Argosy Casino, which relies on video gambling to make a profit.

Rose believes the less-regulated machines that are operated in places other than casinos would be too accessible to children and problem gamblers.

"(Casinos) have security 24 hours a day and they have somebody with the gaming commission on the floor," Rose said. "They get people the help that they need or they ban them off the boats, or whatever."

Rose claims the terminals would not create additional revenue, but would rather redistribute existing entertainment dollars. She says she has not ruled out filing a court challenge, in the event the full senate approves the bill.

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