Report: Off-duty officer justified in Costco shooting, acted with extreme courage

Man was shot and killed after threatening customers with black powder pistol

December 13, 2017 - 1:37 pm

Johnson County, KS - An off-duty Kansas City, Kansas police officer is being hailed as a hero by the Johnson County District Attorney.  

Prosecutor Steve Howe ruled Wednesday that Capt. Michael Howell was justified in shooting Ronald Hunt at the Lenexa Costco in November.  

According to Howe, Hunt entered the Costco with a loaded black powder pistol, and threatened to shoot and kill customers as he walked through the store.

Capt. Howell was and shopping in the store when he heard the commotion and saw Hunt with the pistol.  

The veteran officer confronted Hunt, identified himself as a law enforcement officer, and ordered him to drop his weapon. The DA said Hunt was aggressive toward Howell, who shot and killed Hunt.

"It is our belief that this officer acted with extreme courage," said Howe, "and saved an unknown amount of innocent lives by his actions inside the Costco."

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