Remodel of KCI's international gates brings in more business

Jim Cunningham
April 05, 2018 - 4:26 am

Kansas City, MO - For the past few months, the Kansas City International Airport has been working on a major remodel of Gates 87-90, the international gates. The changes are designed to create a smoother process for passengers and the airport itself.

The international gate remodel sealed the deal to introduce flights with IcelandAir.

Since that January announcement, and the new terminal approval, three more air carriers have announced new flights, which Justin Meyer, deputy director of marketing and air service development, called unprecedented for KCI.

"What this project does is create Gate 90 as a deplanement or outbound gate as well," said Meyer. "We go from having essentially having one one-direction international arrivals gate to having two international gates that can go in either direction, arrivals and departures."

Airport officials approached the city council last summer and said something had to be done to streamline operations. Airlines are noticing, Meyer said.

"One of the carriers that announced Raleigh-Durham, and that flight starts next week, said to me, specifically, I hope Kansas City recognizes that our commitment to go into Kansas City-Raleigh is a result of Kansas City's commitment to make an investment into the infrastructure to the airport facility," Meyer said.


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