Regret that old tattoo? It could be gone in the blink of a laser

KMBZ News Staff
September 16, 2019 - 5:50 am

Kevin Robinson / Undo Laser Skincare Clinic


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- All across Kansas City on Friday the 13, tattoo enthusiasts lined up for hours to get some special ink at a discounted price.

A few years down the line, though, what happens if they come to regret their decision to get tatted?

There are options to remove old, unwanted ink, and Kevin Robinson, a Laser Technician with Undo Laser Skincare Clinic told KMBZ there are many reasons people choose to have a tattoo removed, but usually it's personal. 

"Very common is the tattoo was a symbol of a time period in their life that is not there any more," Robinson said. "Something's changed. A relationship, they've outgrown it, their body's changed so the shape and look of the tattoo is not the same."

Kevin Robinson / Undo Laser Skincare Clinic

When you go to Undo, you can expect results, Robinson said. That's all down to the laser he uses on his patients to zap the ink, making it vanish from the skin. 

"95 percent of our patients are completely clear," Robinson said. "Once in a while we'll get a ghost effect, and you'll see a little bit of a shadow, but usually that will clear after four or five months."

Depending on the size of the tattoo, you could have as few as six treatments to fully remove a tattoo for as little as $79.

The bigger and the brighter the tattoo, though, the longer the process will take and the more it'll cost you. 

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