Rain + Flowers = Happy Bees! Yet our warm, dry weather worries KC Metro beekeepers

Bill Grady
May 21, 2018 - 6:24 am

The Kansas City area is going through an abnormally dry period, which can cause problems in a lot of agricultural products, including honey.

Dry weather can cause an increase in the price of fruit and vegetables. 

The conditions are worrying for Cecel Sweeney, an apiarist, or beekeeper, with honey-producing operations in four counties.

"If we don't get rain the next couple of weeks, then things are going to start drying up, and we won't have flowers to make honey with," Sweeney said.

The area needs at least an inch of rain per week for the next two weeks, or honey production will fall, Sweeney said.

"In Kansas, if you have high temperatures for several days, with those winds, things dry up really quick."

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