Quinton Lucas scores wide victory over Jolie Justus in KC mayor's race

Marc LaVoie
June 19, 2019 - 4:39 am

KMBC Channel 9 News


Kansas City voters handed Quinton Lucas an 18-point victory over Jolie Justice in the mayor's race on Tuesday.

A poll a week before Election Day had the race within three points. The two candidates both have experience on the City Council and have similar voting records. 

Lucas was complimentary in victory. He told his supporters about meeting Justus when he was an intern at her law firm 12 or 13 years ago.

"She was dedicated to equity, she has been every day since, and she will continue to be, and this city is stronger with her involvement, her participation," Lucas said. "I thank her on a race well-run."

Justus told the group at her watch party that she does not plan to step away from involvement in community politics.

"These tears, these are happy tears, just know that," Justus said.

Winners in contested council races include Wallace Hartsfield, Katheryn Shields, Lee Barnes, Andrea Bough, Melissa Robinson, Geoff Jolley and Ryana Parks-Shaw. The remainder of results are posted online by the Kansas City Election Commission.

Voters also voted overwhelmingly against capping Tax Increment Financing plans at 50 percent. TIF plans can continue to comprise up to 75 percent of financing for development projects. The NO vote won by a margin of 65 percent to 35 percent.

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