Quarterback's success and charisma spark haircut craze

KMBZ News Staff
January 17, 2019 - 7:12 am

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When Michael Jordan was the biggest star in the NBA, young people shaved their heads so they could "be like Mike." 

In Kansas City a similar craze is building; young people are showing up at barbershops asking for the Patrick Mahomes faux-hawk. Byron Bolden has received his fair share of requests for Mahomes hair-dos at his barbershop in Lenexa.

"It is a very popular haircut," Bolden said. "It is definitely going through the city like a craze."

Bolden says he gets 10 to 15 requests to shape the messy Mahomes mop-top each day. 

"Even my son, he wears it," Bolden said. "He wants to get it as long as possible on top -- I had to limit him a little bit."

Bolden expects to do a lot more Mahomes haircuts in the near future, especially if the Chiefs keep winning.

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