Putting out Christmas decorations early could be a good thing, study suggests

Jim Cunningham
September 17, 2018 - 6:15 am

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Even though there is a month and a half to go before Halloween, retail stores are already putting out Christmas decorations.

The annual debate begins on social media; how early is too early to put out ornaments, wreaths and garlands? Some people say early decorating is a good thing for a person's mental health.

Most people who talked to KMBZ agreed -- save the decorations for late November. 

"We decorate the day after Thanksgiving," one woman said. "We go get our Christmas tree, because we get a live one, then we slowly decorate, but we're always decorated by December 1st."

A man said his family waits until first of December to put out the tree.

"Because my wife wants to," he laughed.

According to a study by British internet media company and website UNILAD, people who decorate early are happier, and setting up decorations can change a person's mood for the better.

"I believe that it makes you happy because you put all the effort into putting up and you get to enjoy it longer," said one woman. 

The UNILAD study also found that decorating early for Christmas could be a way for some people to make up for unhappy past holidays. Some early decorators may not have enjoyed Christmas as children and want to improve things in their adult lives.

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